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Unbiasify: New Technology Eliminates Bias in Recruiting [Video]

We sat down with our Director of Talent, Martin Hauck to go over how new technology is helping build more diverse teams. Diverse teams that in turn, build better technology.
One of these technologies is Unbiasify, a free Chrome extension available now.

Click here to download Unbiasify for free!

Unbiasify is a free, open-source Google Chrome extension found in the Google Chrome Store. “It allows [recruiters] to focus on what really matters instead of people’s names or what they look like,” says Hauck.

“As a recruiter myself,” he continues, “I use LinkedIn, I use Twitter, I use all kinds of applications and online profiles to source candidates… [with Unbiasify] you’re actually looking at ‘what are this person’s skills?’ ‘what’s their education?’ Those are the things that actually matter when it comes to hiring people. Not what their name is or what they look like.”

Blind recruitment is not a new phenomenon. Other industries, such as music, eliminated recruitment bias as far back as the 1970s. “As a result of this,” states Hauck, “orchestras saw a higher amount of women succeeding through the audition process.”

Not only is diversity and inclusion the right thing to do, Hauck maintains, it is “important to businesses because having a diverse team means you are representing the people that are going to be using your product.”

At the end of the day, building a more inclusive product is simply better for business.

Unbiasify is a follow up to StackAdapt’s short documentary #HackDiversity:

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