DIG IN: Digital Insights, Go-to Information and News for November 2021

DIG IN is StackAdapt’s monthly round-up of hot topics, latest trends and need-to-know articles for digital media professionals. 

We’re just two months away from 2022, which means there’s no better time than now to begin planning for the new year. Reading up on current and upcoming trends and taking note of predictions is a great way to get your planning started. Dig in to these insights that we’ve put together to inspire your 2022 planning!

13 Trends Agency Owners Can Leverage To Stand Out In 2022 

Staying on top of current trends helps agencies stand out from the crowd. In this article, members from the Forbes Agency Council provide their insights into the latest movements in the world of advertising, marketing and PR. This way, agencies will know what trends may impact them in the coming year.

Ad Spending to Grow in 2022 Says New Forecast

The IPG firm predicts that US ad spending will break the $300 billion barrier next year, driven partially by the Olympics and midterm elections. And, this growth will maintain a healthy clip of 12% throughout 2022. These numbers suggest that next year, all major industries will return to pre-COVID marketing investment levels.

5 Key Ways Marketers can Leverage Augmented Reality for Retail  

Research in neuroscience shows that augmented reality (AR) can be a useful tool for engagement. Use of AR shows a 95% increase in visual attention, as well as uplift in memory encoding and a higher attention rate than other visual mediums. Learn 5 ways that marketers can leverage this technology in 2022. 

How to Take Charge of Your Brand With a Balanced Marketing Strategy

According to Nielsen’s EVP of marketing analytics, balancing priorities is the key to long-term awareness and growth. Learn the importance of a balanced marketing strategy and how long and short-term initiatives can work to deliver along the path to continued brand viability.

How To Address Today’s Talent Challenges With Programmatic Recruitment  

Employers are struggling to hire, quit rates are high and many workers are choosing to stay away from work. Learn how programmatic advertising and other tactics can help you reach high quality and well-matched job-seekers.

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We hope you find these posts insightful! See you next month.

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