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3 Reasons Why You Should Customize Your Digital Campaigns

Funnel enables marketers to collect, prepare and analyze all their marketing data with ease. Sean Dougherty, Writer at Funnel, shared with us his insights on how to customize your campaigns for great results, and the best return on your digital investment.

Every advertiser has a different set of goals and requirements when it comes to their digital campaigns. This is why customized campaigns are a key strategy for you to attract and retain clients. By customizing campaigns from start to finish, digital marketers can unlock the full potential of their digital media plans. 

Read on to learn 3 reasons why you should customize your campaigns, from campaign planning, to execution, and reporting. 

Customize for Meaningful Execution

Ahead of campaign execution, campaign planning is an opportunity to customize everything from your campaign’s creative and spend, to distribution. Taking the time to customize ahead of launching the campaign will help you to better tailor to the audience you’re aiming to reach, and your campaign goals. 

Start by designing multiple creative variations of your ads. Rather than using the same creative for every target audience, create specific messaging for each tactic. For example, you could have different messaging and imagery for your retargeting audience versus your prospecting audience. 

Once your creative is ready, it’s time to start customizing your bid type for the right results. Rather than using the default bidding model of the digital media platform you are using, customize your bid types like cost per click (CPC), cost per impression (CPM), and cost per completed view (CPCV).

Next, you’ll set your specific in-platform goals. Depending on your preferred key performance indicators (KPIs), set specified campaign goals for awareness, engagement, and conversion. Customizing your creative, bid type and in-platform goals will help to guide your campaign to the best results. 

Customize for Actionable Insights

Customizing your campaign reporting helps you gain the most beneficial and valuable insights from your data. You can draw insights from previous campaigns and monitor current campaigns in real-time so that you can make adjustments to live campaigns on the fly.

Data that is gathered in your various ad platforms ends up stuck in separate silos. By aggregating this data, cleaning it and then customizing how it’s visualized, you can gain an entirely new perspective on the performance of your campaign. For example, you might compare how clicks on platform “A” correlate with conversion on platform “B,” and find opportunities to take advantage of correlations between those actions.  

At this higher level of analysis, you can also discover a holistic view of which channel is impacting conversions. Rather than looking at attribution, you can explore contribution. Third-party tools, like Funnel, can help you to reach this level of analysis by enabling you to create custom visualizations and reports that can further prove the performance and value of a campaign. 

Customize to Drive Performance

To achieve great campaign performance, apply a custom approach to every phase of your campaign. Customization will enable you to hone in on a highly targeted audience, which will drive performance. Customizing in the planning and execution phase will maximize conversions and reach, and customizing your reporting and analysis will help you identify which channels are providing the best and most contribution toward your KPIs. 

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