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Connected TV in StackAdapt: Partners, Data and Product Updates

A lot has been happening behind the scenes since StackAdapt’s soft launch of our connected TV (CTV) offering. The number of active CTV campaigns in StackAdapt have spiked 9x since March, and we have continued to evolve the robustness of our CTV capabilities.

Connected TV campaigns are now running across SpotX, Telaria, RhythmOne, Beachfront, Freewheel, Xandr and many more. Additionally, advertisers can leverage one of several data providers to better target and measure performance:

Samba TV

In addition to providing access to 200+ premium CTV apps, Samba TV’s Verified Tune-in Rate (VTR) tracks exposure to all tune-in ads (TV & digital) and analyzes the viewership of people exposed to each.

TVision Audiences

Better plan and measure your TV advertising performance with TVision Audiences. You can now leverage true person-level TV engagement to drive digital video and advanced TV targeting strategies.


Measure and evaluate audiences to gain a holistic view across linear TV and digital, including OTT.

Nielsen TV Segments

Access segments for CTV consumption based on device type and/or subscription providers such as Roku, AppleTV and Amazon.

Cuebiq Footfall for CTV

Understand how your TV campaigns are truly performing against your target audience by seeing whether your audience actually visited your store after viewing an ad. Footfall attribution moves TV from brand awareness to direct measurement.

In addition to partner integrations, we have been hard at work making product updates and enhancements to benefit our users. Our latest update adds a dedicated workflow for CTV and it starts at New Campaign creation. You can filter specifically for CTV Deals, see avails for CTV in Planner, find view-through conversion events in Campaign Editor, and filter for CTV campaigns and creatives in Reporting.

Comprehensive CTV metrics in StackAdapt include impressions delivered, CPCV, VCR, unique device breakdown and now view-through conversions.

We are continuing to build out our CTV offering—stay tuned for more! In the interim, if you are looking for additional insights into connected TV, check out 7 Reasons to Integrate Connected TV into Your Media Mix. And if you have not received a copy of the StackAdapt Connected TV Guide or watched our on-demand CTV Webinar, contact your StackAdapt Representative.

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