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Why Healthcare Marketers Should Leverage CTV Advertising

In recent years, the relevance of connected TV (CTV) advertising has been growing. In 2023, 88% of US households owned at least one internet-connected TV device, while the number of CTV users amounted to more than 110 million among Gen Z and millennials. 

Traditionally, a large portion of healthcare marketing campaign spend has gone toward linear TV. But with the rise of CTV adoption and advertising spend on this channel, healthcare marketers are taking notice. CTV has become a massive opportunity for healthcare companies to reach a broader audience and grow their sales.

CTV can take traditional healthcare marketing campaigns and supercharge them with data. Marketers can leverage this information to reach a hyper-focused target audience. Healthcare marketers also get the benefit of targeted video marketing metrics that allow new levels of insight into measurement and attribution.

Another more obvious reason for the adoption of CTV is viewership. Digital media is where the audiences are increasingly spending their time. As mentioned earlier, over 80% of households have at least one connected TV, which represents a big opportunity for reaching healthcare audiences. 

CTV ads also create a more immersive, relaxed ad-viewing experience. With sensitive subjects like people’s personal healthcare, getting your product or service in front of them in the least intrusive way possible is important.

4 Benefits of CTV for Healthcare

Connected TV provides a more impactful solution for digital advertising in healthcare because of 4 key reasons.

1. Accessibility

Media buyers have more choices for TV spend. There are now more opportunities for healthcare brands to reach their target audiences in more efficient ways. The ability to target on CTV provides better audience efficiency, reduces media waste, and reduces the noise of reaching irrelevant viewers and households.

2. Specific Audience Targeting

CTV provides huge opportunities to really hone in on a target audience—using 1st-party and 3rd-party data to target audiences and tailor campaigns accordingly. 

3. Campaign Impact

CTV advertising provides the ability to assess progress against goals and metrics while a campaign is live—and make campaign optimizations and adjustments before the flight-end date.

4. Reaching Cord-Cutters 

The share of households in the US without a telco, cable, or satellite TV provider was 53% in 2022, and is forecasted to reach 75% in 2025. This upward trend represents the increasing opportunity in reaching cord-cutters through CTV. 

Leverage CTV for Healthcare Advertising

CTV offers all of the benefits of linear TV advertising, but with increased control over which households receive your ads. 

A CTV campaign for a healthcare brand enjoys the same benefits and impact as any other industry, with only three unique campaign requirements to consider:

Target Compliant Audiences

Like any campaign in healthcare, the most important thing to account for is compliance. While hyper-relevant audiences are often used, HIPAA requires the removal of all personally identifiable information (PII), and therefore healthcare marketers must use audiences that adhere to this requirement.

If you are considering running a programmatic campaign, ensure the programmatic platform that you leverage has HIPAA compliant audiences. For example, look for 3rd-party audiences from reputable partners such as HealthLink Dimensions and MedData Group, and consider offerings like custom segments and pseudonymous 1st-party CRM data services.

Leverage a Multi-Channel Strategy

With a multi-channel strategy, you can integrate CTV ads into your full-funnel campaigns. There’s the opportunity to create a cohesive story across channels like native, display, video, and audio

Using a mix of complementary channels increases the percentage of the total target audience that you can reach, and it helps you to craft a story about your healthcare offering throughout the entire customer journey.

Retarget Qualified Audiences

CTV enables users to be tracked and retargeted with either a desktop or mobile ad. With other healthcare compliant ad units available, such as ISI-rich native and display, you are able to increase performance across the board and close an attribution loop that was previously open.

A CTV campaign for healthcare will optimally perform by first targeting the right HIPAA compliant audience, exposing this audience to a carefully curated creative, and then retargeting with either native or display ad units to amplify awareness.

Get Started With CTV for Healthcare

Whether you are a healthcare marketer looking to target patients or providers, staying compliant and creative is always top of mind. If you are currently focusing on broadcast campaigns, starting a CTV campaign with existing video creative is not only frictionless, but provides all of the same benefits, with none of the waste and accurate reporting.

You can track the impact of your CTV healthcare campaigns in the same manner as with your other programmatic buys, and with healthcare advertising moving further into the digital age every year, the next wave couldn’t be more streamlined.

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