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StackAdapt Partners with RhythmOne to Enhance Connected TV Offering

Connected TV (CTV) is growing rapidly and for good reason. With CTV, advertisers can target audiences watching long-form, premium digital content on their living room screens—where they are relaxed and most receptive to receiving an ad.

Advertiser interest in CTV is high because the number of cord-cutters and cord-nevers continues to climb. There is still a portion of the population that watch linear TV—so incorporating CTV into your digital strategy can either take on the tactics to complement linear, extend video or both.

In response to the increasing demand for CTV, StackAdapt continues to expand its offering through partnerships with industry-leading CTV providers, like RhythmOne. RhythmOne’s focus on direct publisher relationships—and premium, brand-safe supply—makes their platform a top choice of programmatic buyers who seek to effectively connect brands with audiences across all screens. RhythmOne offers technological efficiency at every stage of the inventory sourcing process to help effectively engage consumers on formats spanning video and CTV, in-app, and display. As the highest-ranked source of high-quality video supply, both in the US and internationally, their expertise and scale in CTV enables TV-like buying opportunities for both live stream and on-demand content.

Our partnership with RhythmOne brings 700+ publishers—resulting in 12,000+ properties—across all screens to StackAdapt clients. Advertisers have “first-look” access to premium inventory to help brands reach their target audiences, including cost-effective PMPs, to meet the needs of buyers—whether their focus is on tentpole events, performance, behavioural, contextual placements, and/or more.

To help ensure that you can create your CTV campaign as seamlessly as possible, RhythmOne has provided this CTV Buying Overview.

To learn more about StackAdapt’s CTV offerings, contact your StackAdapt Representative.

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