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graphic illustrating different media channels and devices

It’s Time to Leverage the Entire Digital World in Your Marketing Strategy

“On any given day, a consumer will switch between scrolling social media, listening to their favorite playlist, browsing products online, bingeing shows on a connected TV (CTV), and more. This is why in 2022, advertisers should consider leveraging a multi-channel strategy.

A multi-channel strategy enables marketers to reach users across different platforms and devices. This strategy helps to increase campaign scale by capturing users who are only using some channels, and it enables greater reach to meet those consumers throughout the entire funnel, creating a cohesive story.

The reality today is that users are likely to be on some but not all of the channels that marketers are using in their campaigns. Targeting multiple channels is proven to lift the performance of campaigns. And performance lift isn’t the only benefit.”

Read the full story on Street Fight.

Street Fight covers the business of location data, retail tech, and local search. 

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