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Best Video Advertising Platform – We’re Flattered!

According to the State of Video Marketing 2018 Report, video usage is on the rise – with 81% of businesses using video as a marketing tool. This should be no surprise since we watch a LOT of  video, more than 3 hours of video in a typical day. So as a marketer it’s obvious that you need to incorporate video into your marketing mix or perhaps boost what you are doing today.

And if you need even more ammunition – 85% of people say they’d like to see more video from brands in 2018. So how do you determine the best demand-side platform to run your video content, since there are several to choose from in the market? Determining the right one for your organization depends on who you ask, the problem they are trying to solve (is it similar to yours) and how they evaluate success.

Analyst reports can have stringent criteria and typically focus on solutions for really large enterprises, who more often than not, don’t share the same business objectives and challenges as smaller organizations in the same industry. So most individuals will look to review sites or other online sources to help make their decision easier. Sources like G2 Crowd.

We are flattered that our customers and G2 Crowd has deemed StackAdapt the #1 Video Advertising platform from their consolidation of reviews for Advertiser Campaign Management Software.

A trusted research tool for software, G2 Crowd is a review site for business technology. G2 Crowd continually collects, aggregates, and analyzes user reviews, where its analysis is captured in G2 Crowd Grid Reports and on their website. Resources from G2 Crowd play a critical role in the evaluation process of thousands of software buyers globally, who use the Grid to help them quickly select the best Advertising Campaign Management products for their businesses and to find peers with similar experiences.

Read what this agency has to say about StackAdapt and Video Advertising:

StackAdapt not only performs as a video advertising platform, it also ranks as a high performer on the G2 Crowd Grid for Demand Side Platforms. Read more about Our Advantage or see first hand why users rave about StackAdapt.

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StackAdapt Releases Smart Motion, Whitelist Me, and StackBot

Twelve months ago today we released game-changing Astrological Targeting. Since then we have been working on products that we thought were key to redefining how modern marketers will experience enterprise advertising software. We wanted to take the best parts of user experience from consumer products and bring that onto our StackAdapt platform.

Today, we would like to introduce three of our latest products

StackAdapt Smart Motion

With Smart Motion, we read input from your phone’s accelerometer and translate that into actions on the StackAdapt platform. Shake your phone to stop a campaign, or toss it in the air to start one.

StackAdapt Whitelist Me 

For the modern market on the go, the big challenge is being able to understand where the ads are running. The biggest challenge marketers face is that you have to navigate through these domains manually. We built an app that allows you to swipe left or right to remove or add domains depending on whether you think they are suited for your campaign or not.

Personal Virtual Assistant: StackBot

We already leverage a lot of AI to build our targeting segments. We wanted to take it a step further with our new personal virtual assistant: StackBot. StackBot can understand, interpret, and take action on complex commands that you give it. This includes a number of commands such as increasing budgets by a certain dollar value, or pausing a campaign during certain dates.

By the way, April Fools’. 

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Congratulations to the 2017 StackAward Winners, Presented to this Year’s Top StackAdapt Campaigns

We are constantly amazed by the talent and dedication of our clients. So much so that we decided to implement an annual recognition program: StackAwards celebrate the highest performing, most innovative and creative companies using StackAdapt in 2017. Continue reading “Congratulations to the 2017 StackAward Winners, Presented to this Year’s Top StackAdapt Campaigns”

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