montage of graphics showing security related symbols like a lock and fingerprint, to point to audience data

Audience Data Sessions: A Q&A With StackAdapt

Eyeota recently connected with the StackAdapt’s Senior Director of Data Solutions, Denis Loboda. Denis shared with Eyeota how StackAdapt is offering cookieless tactics, key trends we’re excited for in 2022, and our learnings emerging from the pandemic.

We chose to partner with Eyeota for their quality and scale of segments in international markets. As the need for global user reach has become increasingly important for our client base, partnering with Eyeota and their data provider network will grant us the opportunity to scale in previously underserved markets such as APAC and EMEA. With confidence, this partnership provides our clients with targeting solutions that will reach relevant users, no matter where they may be geographically.

Read the full interview on the Eyeota blog.

Since 2010 Eyeota has been dedicated to providing our customers with data confidence and delivering solutions that help maximize the value of audience data.

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