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Study Shows Canadian Consumers Increasingly Looking to Branded Content (Infographic)

Jun 22, 2016 / by StackAdapt

As our data showed last year, traditional display ads are continuing to decrease in popularity online, and brands are looking for new and better ways to reach and engage audiences.

At StackAdapt we’re focused on helping brands make the most of their content through native advertising. We recently commissioned a survey with Leger Marketing to determine how Canadian consumers discover and interact with content to allow us to better understand consumer attitudes toward native and traditional advertising.

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How to Create and Use Personas in your Content Marketing Strategy

May 24, 2016 / by StackAdapt


It’s extremely difficult to make content that's written for everyone. The more you try, the more you risk spreading your information too thin. For this reason, it's critical that you focus your efforts on writing for audiences that will find your content the most engaging and helpful. 


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A Step-By-Step Guide To Succeed at Content Marketing

May 12, 2016 / by StackAdapt


Content underpins all forms of marketing. The likes of General Electric, Colgate and Procter and Gamble are all leading the way for brands, and are living proof that seemingly uninspiring businesses still have much to gain from content marketing.

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What you Need to Know About Video Ads

May 06, 2016 / by StackAdapt


Video killed the radio star... again!


Video ads have been capturing human attention ever since the first TV commercial aired back in 1941. It’s only in the past decade or so that we sort of forgot about them. Now, video ads are making a major comeback.

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3 Epic Examples of Brands Winning at Native Video Ads

Apr 29, 2016 / by StackAdapt



It seems like a lot of people wonder: exactly what is native advertising? The short answer is that it’s content designed to mimic the environment where it’s located. It blends so well that most people don’t even realize it’s advertorial content. So how does native translate to video?

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Native Advertising 101: Examples of Native Ads

Apr 26, 2016 / by StackAdapt

It’s rare that you find a game-changing technology that's likely to change the advertising business model as much as native advertising.


Native advertising opens up entirely new channels of content distribution for content marketers. The examples of native advertising in this post give marketers a way to get content in front of new eyes.

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StackAdapt Says Impressions are Dead, Moves to Attention-Based Pricing for Advertisers

Apr 20, 2016 / by StackAdapt

Company moves away from impressions and towards engagements for content distribution


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Native Advertising 101: Who Should Do Native Advertising?

Apr 07, 2016 / by StackAdapt

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