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Life in Adtech: Supporting Company Growth Through Optimization

In our blog series “Life in Adtech” we’re showcasing the different ways in which StackAdapters are driving innovation in adtech, and creating a progressive tech culture. From using modeling and data to create advanced algorithms to building stylish and robust user interfaces, everyone at StackAdapt is contributing to evolving the StackAdapt platform and providing the best product and service to our clients.

This month features Amitesh Mishra, Team Lead, Business Analysis at StackAdapt. In this post, Amitesh shares his journey into adtech, what his role entails, and how his team is supporting StackAdapt’s global growth. 

1. How did your journey into business and process optimization begin?

My passion for optimization and continuous improvement probably dates back to my childhood. At the tender age of nine, I embarked on a quest with my dad to buy my first PC game. At that time, there were only a handful of stores throughout India that carried the latest released video games, and I couldn’t help but ponder why it was such a challenge to get my hands on them. 

This experience instilled in me an unwavering desire to uncover the root cause of things and explore innovative ways to challenge the status quo and enhance it. This innate curiosity and thirst for knowledge continued to fuel my growth throughout my academic years and into my professional career.

My professional journey into the realm of business and process optimization started while I was working in management consulting. In that role, I had several opportunities to make a meaningful impact on various industries by refining existing processes and strategies for prestigious Fortune 100 companies.

Through all these experiences I’ve been able to build a career that allows me to harness my pre-existing skill set to excel and consistently deliver added value through my work.

2. What is the main focus of your role as Team Lead, Business Analysis at StackAdapt?

Here’s how I would describe it simply: My job is to help all StackAdapt teams succeed. A typical day for me involves executing strategic projects that align with StackAdapt’s goals and objectives. I work closely with every team and hierarchy within the organization to drive continuous improvement and excellence by executing the defined roadmap for each of the domains. 

As a team lead, I help onboard new members in the team and provide oversight and expertise to major projects, eliminating barriers for successful execution. One of the key areas of focus involves seeing dependencies across multiple domains and departments, and preventing negative impact across the company. 

The overarching objective of my work is to streamline and standardize global operations at StackAdapt, as we expand into new and existing markets. I collaborate with cross-functional teams to identify areas for improvement, and I help develop innovative solutions that enhance our operational effectiveness.

3. How does your team collaborate to optimize and streamline processes at StackAdapt?

Each project, regardless of its scale, serves as a collaborative platform for our team. Through these initiatives we work in close partnership with various stakeholders and cross-functional teams to optimize and streamline internal processes for StackAdapt. We’re able to find opportunities for optimization by addressing existing pain points, building automations, and driving digital transformation.

We always use a collaborative approach so that we can identify and address pain points within the organization and implement innovative solutions to optimize our workflows. This helps us to build strong relationships with our colleagues across all business functions, allows us to drive meaningful change, and ultimately enhances our overall efficiency and effectiveness.

4. With StackAdapt expanding globally, how is your team supporting this scale and growth?

Our team plays a crucial role in supporting our company’s global expansion initiatives by delivering strategic projects that align with our expansion objectives. As part of this effort, our Business Operations team receives project requests that are evaluated based on several key factors, including their potential impact on global expansion. 

Our ultimate goal is to facilitate seamless scaling of our operations across regions by delivering large-scale, cross-departmental projects that define and optimize our internal processes. To achieve this, we collaborate closely with our colleagues across the organization to identify areas for improvement and develop innovative solutions that enhance our operational efficiency and effectiveness.

5. In what ways does your team collaborate with other teams at StackAdapt?

Our team collaborates with every team across StackAdapt, encompassing a diverse range of projects that range from larger initiatives focused on digital transformation across multiple teams, to addressing smaller pain points specific to individual teams. We actively seek out opportunities to work collaboratively with colleagues, leveraging our collective expertise to drive meaningful change and improvement.

Through these initiatives, we are able to identify existing gaps and pain points within the organization and develop targeted recommendations for optimization. Additionally, we focus on automating manual processes wherever possible to enhance our operational efficiency and effectiveness. Ultimately, our aim is to drive continuous improvement across the organization and enhance our overall performance in pursuit of our long-term objectives.

6. What is the most rewarding part of growing a team as a senior leader in adtech?

As a senior leader in adtech, the most rewarding aspect of growing a team is the ability to validate the impact we have on the progress towards achieving StackAdapt’s objectives. The adtech industry is characterized by constant change and evolution, which necessitates agility and adaptability from both our team and the organization as a whole.

Our shared desire to drive change and push boundaries is a driving force that resonates across all teams, fueling our company’s growth as we strive to achieve our goals. It is truly gratifying to see the positive impact of our efforts and to witness the progress we are able to achieve through our collective efforts.

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In each new addition, we will be highlighting our teams and employees in our “Life in Adtech” series—stay tuned for more!

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