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Slack 101: Is Your Team Using the StackAdapt Integration?

Less time checking. More time strategizing.

In Q4 of 2019, StackAdapt became the first and only DSP to include an integration with Slack. We launched this unique capability because we understood that media buying teams needed to be both strategic and agile with the decisions they make, during the lifecycle of a campaign. And for many agencies, teams rely on communication platforms, like Slack, to help them react in real-time, make decisions faster, and meet the growing expectations of their clients.

Since the initial launch, client feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. With the most recent enhancement, we anticipate more clients getting on board to leverage this integration.

How has the Slack integration benefited teams to-date?

Clients using Slack to communicate across teams added a new way to improve productivity—receiving useful and timely notifications about the overall health of their campaigns. The Slack notifications makes users aware of updates made by team members, as well as any major campaign changes. By receiving quality-of-life notifications about their campaigns, media teams make important decisions even faster. Here are a few examples of the types of notifications that StackAdapt users are able to access through Slack:

  • When a pixel that was installed hasn’t fired in over 24 hours.
  • When Custom Segments from StackAdapt become available.
  • When a campaign has reached its bid goals, or has effectively ended.

Can this Slack integration get any better?

We have just introduced a much anticipated enhancement to our Slack integration—custom notifications. You can set up a custom notification by combining a metric, parameter, value and frequency, as per the example below:

A comprehensive list of metrics includes any one of: Budget, Clicks, Conversions, CTR, CVR, eCPA, eCPC, eCPCV, eCPE, eCPM, Engagement Rate, Impressions, Media Cost, View %, Video Completion, 25% VC, 50% VC and 75% VC.

Slack is a core component of our workflow, so extending it to receive notifications from StackAdapt was not only natural for our team to adopt but also highly beneficial for our productivity. The Slack integration enables us to make changes on campaigns as quickly as possible, as well as loop the right people into a thread pertaining to a notification—it has been a game-changer for us.

Marc-André Cloutier, Director, Operations at Espace M

What You Need to Know

StackAdapt users who are currently leveraging this integration can start creating their custom notifications to track KPIs such as media cost, clicks, conversions and more by navigating to their StackAdapt Settings > Integrations.

StackAdapt users not currently leveraging this integration can access it from Slack’s app directory, or directly within our platform. By entering StackAdapt’s Settings and selecting Integrations, in a few clicks, you can connect to the appropriate Slack channel and Enable/Disable notifications that are best suited to your team’s workflow.

With better service and faster decisions in mind, the new updates to the Slack integration with StackAdapt will help your team work more efficiently—leading to fewer gaps in communication, and even happier clients!

Reach out to your StackAdapt Representative to learn more about set up, and how to best use this feature.

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