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Now Available! A Sneak Peek Inside “The Mid-Market Agency: A Blueprint for Growth”

In early 2019, StackAdapt partnered with industry specialists Advertiser Perceptions to survey 200 professionals from agencies and brands. Respondents came from mid-market agencies and holding companies, as well as large and mid-size companies. They are digital media decision makers in the United States and Canada, involved in programmatic advertising, with total digital ad spend of $1M+ annually.

The study of Mid-Market Agency (MMA) opportunities addressed the following key questions:

  • What determines how marketers select agencies? And how does this differ from how agencies go to market?
  • Once brought on, how are agencies evaluated? What matters and how does that measure up against expectations?
  • What are the pros and cons of working with different sized agencies? And how do MMAs compare with their larger competitors?
  • How can MMAs differentiate themselves not only to compete, but to thrive? 
  • What does the future agency landscape look like? And over the next three years, where will agencies invest vs. what marketers think will be the most important agency capabilities?

The survey sought to understand how agencies are considered, evaluated and are satisfying clients in what may best be described as “a new programmatic era” and the results were published in our exclusive report, The New Programmatic Era: How Mid-Market Agencies Can Thrive.

We extrapolated some key insights from the research results and created the one content piece every mid-market agency should read. The Mid-Market Agency: A Blueprint for Growth is a comprehensive guide that provides all the resources needed to grow your mid-market agency. 

Here is a sneak peek at what’s inside:

The Drivers of Agency-Client Partnerships

In addition to the trifecta of trust, communication and understanding, the study revealed key drivers to establishing, nurturing and maintaining the agency-client partnership. These are the areas where mid-market agencies can really up their game.

Mind the Gap: Agency Perception vs. Client Reality

To help fuel the blueprint and to identify how and where mid-market agencies could thrive, the study compared 1) what agencies believe are their most important go-to-market capabilities with 2) how marketers rate their agencies on these same capabilities. This provides guidance for which capabilities agencies should lead with, as well as help prioritize where they need to improve.

“I think the mid-market agencies have a really good chance of grabbing up some of the business because they can react more quickly to changing client needs in a very dynamic environment.” – Senior VP of Media, Agency

From the selection criteria used by marketers and how it differs from how agencies go-to-market, to what matters most and how it measures up to expectations, you can use the insights from the blueprint not only to compete, but thrive in 2019 and beyond.

To obtain a copy of the blueprint OR the complete report, please contact your StackAdapt Representative.

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