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StackAdapt Reaches Top of The Stack for DSPs

This just in: StackAdapt has also been named a Leader for Fall 2019.

Yes, it is a popularity contest! And at StackAdapt, we are definitely ok with being popular when it means that we are meeting the expectations of our clients and helping them succeed in spades. It also means that our clients are comfortable providing feedback—glowing or constructive—knowing that we take it to heart and use it to continually improve our platform.

Demand-side platforms (DSPs)—a digital campaign management product that provides advertisers features for buying ad placements online in real time—are plentiful in the market. Determining the best one depends on who you ask, what problem they are trying to solve, and how they evaluate success. There are a number of resources including peers, analyst reports, and news articles that an individual can tap into for insights and opinions. Sometimes the most trusted source is one that contains like-minded individuals sharing honest feedback, like G2 Crowd.

For four consecutive years, StackAdapt has been recognized as a high performer and the highest ranking DSP in customer satisfaction by G2 Crowd.

“StackAdapt has been identified as a High Performer in our Summer Demand Side Platform (DSP) Grid Report,” said Michael Fauscette, Chief Research Officer, G2. “StackAdapt received the highest Satisfaction score among products in Demand Side Platform (DSP). 100% of users rated it 4 or 5 stars, 98% of users believe it is headed in the right direction, and users said they would be likely to recommend StackAdapt at a rate of 96%. StackAdapt is also in the Native Advertising and Video Advertising categories.”

In 2017, StackAdapt Co-Founder and COO, Vitaly Pecherskiy said:

“At StackAdapt, we recognize marketers’ general dissatisfaction with the current state of advertising technology. Since ad tech’s inception, there have been many best practices and common mistakes in our industry. We have always built on our product with the most progressive technologies and a customer-centric philosophy. Our G2 Crowd ranking, based on reviews from our users, validates our product direction. We are simply getting started.” 

That statement is perhaps even more valid today than it was 2 years ago. If you are in the market for a media buying, planning and analytics solution, see how we stack up. Or request a demo of StackAdapt to see first hand why users love us.

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