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What to Expect from StackAdapt in Q1, 2018

Jan 11, 2018 / by Maggie Clapperton

Our 2018 product roadmap includes a host of new features that make StackAdapt smarter, faster, and more customizable than ever before. Get ready for these exciting new StackAdapt features coming soon. 


1. Intelligent Suggestions


Automated suggestions will be presented for each and every campaign, helping our users optimize their campaigns quickly and correctly, and maximize performance so they can achieve your goals. 

2. Forecasting in Real-Time


The platform will predict the results of a campaign in real-time before it launches, which is typically difficult due to the nature of RTB. This allows our users to understand and calibrate their expectations.

3. Customizable Insights


We’re introducing brand new ways to visualize and navigate StackAdapt data. A new self-serve reporting tool will allow our users to query StackAdapt data at-will -- They can layer, pivot, and slice & dice data to their liking.

4. New Year, New Look


Our new dashboard doesn't just look great, it's flexible so our users only see metrics that matter to them, and mobile friendly so they can check campaign health on the go. We gathered our most common user requests and built them into a faster and more intuitive platform. Coming soon!



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Written by Maggie Clapperton

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