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3 Tips for Digital Marketers Searching for “The One” This Valentine’s Day

The key to a successful relationship is a deep understanding of the other’s wants and needs and providing an answer when it’s needed most. At StackAdapt, we believe that finding the perfect customer is no different.

A personalized approach is key to finding the right person at the right time.

Yet only 30% of marketers are satisfied with their organizations’ personalization efforts, and 83% of marketers claim that personalized content is their biggest challenge.

While most marketers use some form of personalization, only 13% of recent survey respondents use today’s top technology: machine-learning algorithms. Luckily, using StackAdapt’s programmatic native, video, or display advertising, personalization through machine learning is integrated right into our software.

So, we’ve rounded up some relationship advice for digital marketers struggling to find that special someone through programmatic this Valentine’s Day:

1. Don’t Call Up an Old Flame You Haven’t Spoken to in Months

71% of survey respondents prefer ads tailored to their interests and shopping habits. In other words, shoppers prefer ads from brands they would consider “friends” or at least “acquaintances”, and preferably from brands they’ve run into or sought out in the past few days. This means that data recency is integral to the quality of your targeting. Someone who researched your industry, your competitors, or your brand even a few weeks ago may no longer be in the market for your product or service. Keep your targeting fresh by ensuring your DSP rolls over any intent based data on a regular basis.

2. Let Me Guess… They’d Love You… If Only You Could Get Them to Notice You…

Even if a prospect is only aware of your competitors, intent based targeting can get his or her eyes on your campaign. For example, StackAdapt Custom Audience Segments are audience pools made up of people who have browsed web pages related to your product or service in the last 7 days. This intent based targeting uses machine learning and natural language processing to track browsing behaviour across review sites, competitor sites, niche publications, and more to make sure you get your ad in front of your next customer whether they have heard of you or not. So long as they are in the market for your product or service, you have the power to target them. Click here to learn more about Custom Audience Segments.

3. Don’t Give Up On Missed Connections…

78% of consumers will only engage offers if they have been personalized to their previous engagements with the brand. Use dynamic retargeting to automatically personalize ad creative based on a prospect’s past behaviour on your site. It’s a powerful and personal way to drive users back to the products they’re most interested in.

Click Here to download StackAdapt’s Guide to Finding the One this Valentine’s Day!

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