The Ultimate 2020 Content Countdown

We are nearing the end of a most eventful 2020, and given the course of the year, StackAdapt has a lot of insightful content to reflect on. And as per tradition, we will be doing our content countdown to recap and resurface all things digital marketing and programmatic advertising, so you can be well-equipped to take on 2021!

The events of 2020 resulted in several shifts in consumer behaviour and notable trends in ad messaging and creative approaches. As our countdown will only highlight 12, we encourage you to go beyond these to discover your own gems from all the great reads on our blog.

Let’s jump right into this year’s ultimate content countdown:

  1. The Benefit of Self-Serve DSPs for Agencies

As an agency, when you choose a self-serve model for any technology, you are solidifying yourself as an expert—this makes your agency more valuable to brands, which can increase your customer retention. Choosing a self-serve option with a demand-side platform (DSP) puts you in the driver’s seat, to better meet the needs of your clients. We have outlined the benefits and key indicators to look for when searching for the right DSP to partner with.

2. Native in 2020: Why It’s Still a Driving Force in Programmatic

This ad format is still highly relevant as we enter into 2021! This post’s focus is on why and how native can be a successful complement in your full-funnel strategy. If you’re still unsure about native, this read will unpack what you need to know to add it to your media mix.

3. Insights From The Creative Studio: Using Visual Hierarchy to Optimize Your Ads Effectively

Advertisers often wear many hats—they are media planners, buyers, wordsmiths and in some cases, designers. So how can you approach your creatives if you are not a hardcore designer? The StackAdapt Creative Studio team loves sharing insights. This post covers the importance of having visual elements in a hierarchy to direct the viewer’s attention. Even without formal training, you can build compelling visual ads that are engaging.

4. Changes in Consumer Behaviour: Responses in Programmatic Advertising

Yes, 2020 was unlike any other in recent history. With so much uncertainty, consumer behaviour continues adapting to the situation at hand, and with that, consumer engagement in online content is spiking. To help you pivot to current events, make the right or better campaign strategy decisions, and maximize your investment for short-term goals, we have outlined the need to know insights for running campaigns heading into 2021.

5. Why Data Orchestration is the Key to Marketing Personalization

Consumers’ demand for personalization has not waivered and, as such, has ushered in the need for data orchestration. Data orchestration in marketing personalization is the combination of data, identity and artificial intelligence. This post explains how data orchestration can be a powerful tool for revenue generation, along with the steps and strategies to help you get started in leveraging this approach for your campaigns.

6. Your Guide to Building a Campaign Inventory Strategy

Digital marketers know there is a plethora of inventory available for programmatic campaigns. Not all digital marketers know what types of inventory are best used for different strategies. We can help—with a detailed guide to the different inventory types, along with use cases for each. If you don’t know what inventory best suits your needs, this post is an excellent place to start.

7. How Agencies Thrive: Why We’re Starting a Podcast

We ventured into our first 12 episode podcast series—and what a success it was! How Agencies Thrive is dedicated to helping the new breed of forward-thinking, digitally savvy, lean-and-mean marketers win in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. The goal is to tap into our community of subject matter experts in the world of advertising and digital, to share lessons from the trenches and actionable insights. Did you tune in to some or all of our episodes? We’d love to hear about it! Like, save, share and comment—and be sure to get caught up because season 2 is coming next year.

Here’s a breakdown of the episodes on Apple Podcasts:

00: Welcome To How Agencies Thrive
01: Digital Advertising Today: StackAdapt Roundtable
02: Managing the Challenges of Political Advertising: Jeff King and Nicholas Giustino, Arena
03: Why Advertisers Are Gravitating From Linear TV to Connected TV: Jeremy Smith, Telaria
04: Current Trends in B2B Digital Marketing: Nick Rennard and Andrew Seidman, Digital Reach Agency
05: Harnessing Changing Consumer Habits to Reshape the Future: John Shaughnessy, LiveRamp
06: Go-to-Strategies for Crisis Communications: Lanny Cardow, NATIONAL Public Relations
07: Digital Advertising in the Finance World
08: All things Measurement and Attribution
09: Creative Strategies to Protect and Revive the Travel Industry Post-COVID: Mikey Sadowski, Intrepid Travel
10: How Schools and Colleges are Pivoting for Today and Tomorrow: John Miller, Vermont Law School
11: Why Agile Ad Agencies are the Need of the Hour: Ashley Shuey, Allen & Gerritsen
12: Building Agency 2.0: Alex Panousis, Carat

We also aired a holiday special! Tactical Strategies to Maximize this Year’s Shopping Season. And all the episodes are also available on Spotify!

8. Insights From the Creative Studio: A Deep Dive Into Connected TV Creatives

With more people switching to connected TV (CTV) devices in the home, it is no surprise that this channel has gained immense popularity in 2020. That said, with more ad availability, comes more ads, and a higher chance yours may get lost in the noise. So, you want to ensure your brand stands out from the competition. The StackAdapt Creative Studio has taken a deep dive into CTV creatives and has compiled some insights to consider when building your ads.

9. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in StackAdapt

Machine learning and AI helps marketers streamline their advertising efforts by making decisions at scale and rapidly responding to pivots in how people consume information. At StackAdapt, we know how important this technology is, which is why it is the foundation of our entire platform. Find out why we leverage these capabilities to help reach your campaign goals.

10. Tips to Implement Awareness and Conversion Campaign Strategies in Harmony

Do I focus on getting my name out there? Or do I just go after the sale? These are common questions marketers ask, and the answer is: both! To ensure you can build the best cohesive strategy for your awareness and conversion initiatives, we have taken a deep dive in this post. And we mean deep—we zoom in to each ad format to identify how the strategy would differ depending on the campaign type. This is a must read as you head into 2021.

11. Vertical Targeting 2.0: How to Up Your Programmatic Game

In 2019, we introduced the notion of building a vertical targeting strategy for your programmatic initiatives. In 2020, we took that a step further to make your strategy even stronger. Introducing psychographic audience segments and building campaigns catered to specific generations will put you in an advantageous position for better campaign performance.

12. Introduction on How Trends and Insights are Reshaping Consumer Behaviour

We know new trends are likely to emerge over the next few months and into the new year. And even though 2020 has been such a dynamic and fluid time, there are a few insights we have uncovered that can help advertisers navigate new and evolving consumer behaviour. Learn what you can expect from programmatic, and then check out the specific insights we’ve captured for the automotive industry, the real estate industry, and the finance industry.

We hope you enjoyed this year’s ultimate content countdown. As we take the plunge into 2021, we will continue to provide innovative campaign tips, thought-provoking creative tricks and need-to-know industry knowledge. Reach out to if there is a specific topic you would like us to cover!

Happy reading!

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