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Tips and Tricks to Streamline your Campaign Workflow

Mark is an Account Manager at StackAdapt and has been working in the Marketing/Advertising field since 2011.

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to setting up, executing and managing a campaign in your DSP. When you multiply the number of campaigns you’re running and add in your teammates who use the platform to run their campaigns, those moving parts can become overwhelming and unorganized, costing you time and money. StackAdapt has some awesome features that can help you streamline your workflow. As an Account Manager, I’ve seen firsthand how effective these simple tips and tricks are at keeping your campaigns, and your workflow, focused and on track.

Detailed Campaign Naming

Having a consistent, detailed naming convention for your campaigns will make campaign management more efficient. Imagine needing to search quickly through your campaigns, and the naming structure you’ve used is “Campaign 1”, “Campaign 2” and “Campaign 3”. How will you remember which tactic, audience, or strategy you’ve applied to which campaign? To streamline your workflow, I suggest adopting a naming convention similar to this:

Advertiser | Campaign Name/Theme | Audience | Tactic
(e.g.: ProStar Inc | Spring/Summer 2019 | Custom Segment | Native)

This will allow you to easily see the client, the campaign, the target audience, and goals at a glance. It will save you time from having to click into each campaign, and headaches from having to wrack your brain to remember the campaign’s KPIs.


Even if you have a detailed naming convention, when there are multiple teammates running campaigns in the platform, it can be time consuming to search through the campaigns by name alone. This is why one of my favourite and simplest tips is to use StackAdapt’s label feature. By labelling campaigns by user, you can quickly filter your own campaigns. Now, you have an easy to read naming convention to only see the campaigns in your name.


We all have a lot going on. Outside of running and managing campaigns, there is your personal life as well; weekend plans, softball leagues, birthdays, trips — the list goes on and on. When we have so much to remember, it’s easy to forget a small change made to a campaign. When did you change the budget? Who edited the creative? That’s why StackAdapt’s history feature is so helpful. Rather than asking each teammate one by one , or trying to jog your memory from last week, just check out the history!

Drop Off Funnel

Often I am asked about scaling campaigns. Sometimes, it’s not completely clear why a campaign was unable to scale up to its budget. Was the bid high enough? Is it the targeting? In order to remedy scaling issues without knowing the cause, you have to make a change…then wait…and hope it was the right tactic. This can be a costly solution. That’s why I love our Drop Off Funnel. The Drop Off Funnel provides insight to understand exactly where a campaign has lost bids in the last 15 minutes. It takes the guesswork out of the process, allowing for quick and easy optimizations you can have confidence in.

For example, in the campaign below it looks like scale was lost due to our Geography Targeting Settings (31.89% of remaining bids) and there is a larger drop off from the audience targeting using StackAdapt Custom Segments (94.70% of remaining bids). Depending on the goal of the campaign, this may be exactly what was expected—the tighter the targeting, the more loss in scale—but it is very useful to know how these settings impact the campaign’s overall ability to pace properly. If the campaign appears to be pacing behind, opening up the geographic or audience targeting may help in this case.

I know how much work goes into executing and managing campaigns. There is a lot to juggle and consider. I know these simple tips will help you streamline your workflow in StackAdapt and save you some time!

If you’d like more information on any of the suggestions I’ve shared, reach out to your StackAdapt Representative.

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