StackDay 2020: Platform Insights and Sunny Skies!

In January of 2019, we hosted the very first StackDay in our office in Toronto. It was such a success, and led to so many amazing conversations around the StackAdapt platform, we wanted to provide a greater opportunity to connect with our clients at this year’s event.

So, we headed down south to take a deep-dive into the StackAdapt platform and what we have in store. The feedback we received from the event was overwhelmingly positive, so we wanted to share a quick recap of it.

We definitely did take advantage of the warm Florida weather in Palm Beach in February (we are Canadian), but we did focus on the presentations from various departments at StackAdapt and had discussions on the industry as a whole. Our Co-Founder and COO, Vitaly Pecherskiy kicked off the event beginning with some stories from the early days of StackAdapt, when there were 3 people working in his condo, to our first office and now, when we are nearing the 200 employee mark.

From the introductions, we moved onto discussing the product roadmap with Andy Woo, our Director of Product. He gave clients a preview of the releases coming in our platform this year, and how to best leverage the current features and functionality. Then, our Director of Partnerships and Solutions, Michael Shang, shared insight on how our partnerships benefit our clients.

Finally, we ended with one of the most engaging presentations that spawned much of the conversations that occurred at the event—connected TV (CTV). Christian St. Louis, our Solutions Manager Team Lead, and Brandon Langevin, one of our Sales Directors presented a comprehensive look at connected TV, our capabilities and how to start your campaigns with CTV.

Turns out, it was a hot topic—not unlike what we’ve noticed at recent conferences and client meetings. So to best recap the discussions, we’ve compiled a list of key takeaways:

1. CTV Is Still on The Rise

At present, there are 4.9 billion minutes of CTV content consumed per day and that number is growing. As the number of CTV users is continually increasing, this presents even more opportunities for marketers to capture an audience with CTV. Advertisers can also take advantage of big ticket TV events even if the linear TV slots are sold out, with CTV ads—think March Madness.

2. You CAN Measure CTV

A common misconception is that you cannot track a CTV campaign. Specifically, the understood notion was that you could only track CPM and CPCV, but not engagement metrics due to the fact that a viewer could not click or engage with a TV ad. However, this is not the case! In fact, leveraging our partners, we have developed a means of measuring your CTV campaigns throughout the funnel. You can measure things like VCR, on-target verification, view-through conversions, footfall attribution, sales lift, brand lift, prescription lift, and more.

3. You CAN Run Cross-Device

Yes, you can run a cross-device campaign with CTV. In fact, it allows you to better align your CTV campaigns with your overall strategy. For example, you can run a CTV campaign, and retarget with display based on video completions.

4. Data is as Important as Ever with CTV

One of our most unique advantages at StackAdapt is that household-level data has been a part of targeting strategies for years. This enables advertisers to use ANY data segment in the StackAdapt platform for targeting. Whether it’s a StackAdapt Custom Segment, your 1st-party data, or our expansive list of over 160,000 3rd-party data segments.

The Wrap Up

Clients also had dedicated time with their Account Executives and presenters to learn more to help their specific pain points, current campaigns and upcoming business. All-in-all it was a super insightful event, which provided many opportunities for us to build stronger relationships with our clients, share experiences and expertise, and fine-tune our collective programmatic knowledge.

After all the hard work, we deserved some fun—and had a great time playing some golf, seeing some alligators and yachting around Palm Springs.

We can’t wait until the next StackDay!

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