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New Connected TV Offerings in the StackAdapt DSP

We have added an exciting array of new features and partners as we continue to make the StackAdapt connected TV (CTV) offering the most comprehensive in the industry. Here’s a roundup of what we’ve rolled out in the first half of 2020.

Expanded Connected TV Inventory

Direct access to every major CTV/OTT source in the ecosystem, including SpotX, Telaria, RhythmOne, Beachfront, Freewheel, Xandr and many more.

Robust Targeting Capabilities 

To the existing list of partners for targeting—Samba TV, TVision Audiences and Nielsen TV Segments—we have partnered with Comscore for: 

Comscore Brand Survey Lift Study Capabilities

Advertisers can evaluate national, regional and local TV campaigns to optimize performance at every level. Comscore Brand Survey Lift for CTV is a survey-based branding effectiveness solution that measures the total branding impact of CTV campaigns, as well as lift attribution by network, placement and creative. For more information, refer to our media release.

Comscore Programmatic Retargeting for Linear TV

Comscore leverages passively-collected linear television viewing information from 99% of all US zip codes. Working with Multichannel Video Programming Distributors (MVPDs) and other third-party partners, national set-top-box TV viewing data is matched with Comscore’s digital data in a privacy-focused manner to create the largest single-source cross-platform dataset. Specific households that were exposed to the target viewing criteria are identified and can be retargeted through StackAdapt. For more information, refer to our media release.

Cross-Device Retargeting

Retarget CTV viewers across other devices (mobile, desktop) with display and native ads.


Reporting in StackAdapt has become a consolidated destination that enables you to customize detailed, accurate reports delivered in your preferred format. Comprehensive CTV metrics in StackAdapt include impressions delivered, CPCV, VCR, unique device breakdown and view-through conversions. Reporting is available down to the single impression level—there are no tail aggregates.

How Agencies Thrive Podcast CTV Episode

In this episode, Jeremy Smith from Telaria joins Meredith Henstchel of StackAdapt, to dig into all things TV, starting with all of the industry acronyms that tend to be befuddling—OTT, CTV and linear TV. Listen on Apple Podcasts or Spotify

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