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What’s New in the StackAdapt DSP for B2B

We have launched an exciting array of new features in the first half of 2020 to help B2B marketers up their digital marketing game. Here’s a roundup of what we’ve rolled out so far.


Reporting in StackAdapt has become a consolidated destination that enables you to customize detailed, accurate reports delivered in your preferred format. You can also preview exports, and the new dynamic graph will track changes in Reporting over time.

Real-Time CRM Upload

We are the first self-serve DSP to make LiveRamp’s RampID Retrieval API directly accessible for users. With this API integration, StackAdapt provides direct access to onboard and activate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) audiences in near real-time. For more information, refer to our media release.

Comprehensive Suite of Targeting, Measurement and Verification from Bombora

Account-Based-Marketing (ABM) Audiences

ABM audiences enable advertisers to target specific companies from a target account list or CRM list, at an individual level, by mapping employee devices at specific companies.

Company SurgeⓇ

Bombora’s Company SurgeⓇ analyzes the business content consumption of millions of B2B organizations to identify the intensity of research spikes for target organizations, considered as an indicator of active demand for a product or service. Custom audiences can be derived from a combination of ABM and Company SurgeⓇ and can support multi-channel activations. For more information, refer to our media release.

How Agencies Thrive Podcast B2B Episode

In this episode, StackAdapt is joined by Nick Rennard and Andrew Seidman of Digital Reach Agency, to discuss the latest trends in B2B digital marketing, reveal some of the biggest opportunities and share how to avoid some common mistakes organizations make. Listen on Apple Podcasts or Spotify

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