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How the People & Culture Team is Helping StackAdapt Stay Connected

StackAdapters pride themselves in being great communicators and strive to find innovative ways to stay connected in any circumstance. Given that we are facing the unfortunate case of a global pandemic, StackAdapt has issued a mandatory work from home for all employees. Instead of focusing on the negatives, the entire team has rallied together to ensure that each person had everything they needed, felt comfortable with the transition and found new ways to stay connected.

Our main focus was to ensure we all stay healthy and have the necessary supplies needed to remain productive at home. So far, it has been incredible seeing everyone come together, supporting one another and finding creative ways to cope with the situation at hand. During these uncertain times, it is clear that at StackAdapt, everyone is in this together and we are able to pivot and adjust our daily workflows to adapt to a new norm of working remotely—and quickly at that.

Although scattered across the far reaches of the Greater Toronto Area, all StackAdapters are safe at home, and have been happily receiving some great new initiatives the People & Culture team has put forward. With the unique opportunity to implement digital ways to maintain our open, fun and outgoing culture that we loved in our office, the People & Culture team has been busy and facing this challenge head on! After all, we are all in this together.

To get everyone inspired and settled into their new work from home mode, we asked that everyone share a photo of their new work space with the team. This was a fun way for StackAdapters to share their space with everyone and sparked some great conversation—especially as there were a great new office buddies to be introduced to.

From there, we started with a simple yet effective application—Donut!. This application runs through Slack and randomly generates meetings for StackAdapters to have a virtual coffee. The team was so excited about this and many have been participating twice a week. This has been especially welcomed by our new hires, who for the very first time in StackAdapt history have been entirely onboarded virtually!

From one great idea comes another. Ways of engaging and interacting digitally started to spark across the different teams. To kick it off, our People & Culture Coordinator challenged the team to get creative over the weekend, and enticed everyone into some friendly competition for the most innovative creation! And the teams took charge and the spark turned into a fire. StackAdapters implemented their own culture initiatives with a push up challenge by our CRO, daily morning motivations by our COO, individual team check-ins and an ongoing StackAdapt cookbook.

The Marketing team shared something new they learned or hobbies they embarked on from home—seems like we had more yogis and cooks than we knew about. Everyone jumped in, shared their fun and engaging experiences and provided wonderful new ideas to others on the team. Not only have our teams been staying home, but all the while, they are having fun and staying engaged. And to top it off, the People & Culture team transformed our Fun Fridays to virtual fun, with games like trivia and charades. Nothing like ending off the week with some laughs with StackAdapters.

Looking back on our transition from in office to working from home, our team did an outstanding job executing this change smoothly and adapted to this new reality very quickly. One of our core values is to embrace change, and we are so proud of everyone for continuing to do that on a daily basis. Our team is collaborating through Google Hangouts, Slack and we are able to tackle any challenges together but apart… for now.

Meredith M. & Natalia V.
The People & Culture Team

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