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Introducing the StackAdapt Platform Certification Course, from StackAdapt Academy

A multi-channel, easy to use demand-side platform (DSP), with all the right machine learning and AI functionalities, is critical to running successful programmatic campaigns. And knowing how to use the tools and features in the most effective way is what separates a media buyer from a media buying expert.

If you’re leveraging a self-serve platform, it is important to have the right resources at your disposal, including a comprehensive support portal, a customer success team to collaborate with, effective onboarding and platform training. At StackAdapt, one of the most successful methods of training new users on the platform is through the StackAdapt Academy, which has now—drumroll please—been revamped!

Introducing the StackAdapt Platform Certification Course!

As part of the StackAdapt Academy, this online course is designed to introduce and provide a comprehensive walk-through of the platform that will ensure you are prepared to plan, execute and analyze your campaigns like a pro. And as it is self-serve, you can learn online, at your own pace. As we designed the curriculum, I learned so much about what a platform training course should include and why you will benefit from completing it.

A lot can ride on choosing the right DSP for your ad campaigns, and a large part of that decision is knowing that you’ll have the support and resources to do it effectively and at scale. We have introduced several new features and capabilities since our last Platform Certification Course was introduced, that there was a need to revamp the course to ensure that our users (both existing and new) can continue to navigate the platform with the same level of confidence and ease.

Mark Shannon, Manager, Client Services

Mark said it so eloquently, and I think it’s really important for users of the platform to feel like experts each time they log in. So, to make sure we achieved this, we segmented the Platform Certification Course into 3 distinct areas that align with the main functionalities of the platform: plan, execute and analyze. Within the 3 modules, we cover every step in the media buying process, and we ensured we covered not only the how of the platform, but also the why. The material answers the common questions we receive from our clients, and proactively provides the answers programmatic media buyers need.

I’ve taken a few other platform certification courses, and one of my biggest grievances is the time it takes to complete them. As much as I want to become well-versed in a piece of technology, we all know how busy our day-to-day can be. That’s why we kept our certification course concise. The ROI on completing the course—time spent for value received—is much higher than other platforms I’ve trained on. That is so important when you are looking to get ramped up on new tech.

The purpose of any training program is to have the ability to complete it, and get started on the platform right away. The StackAdapt Platform Certification Course enables you to do exactly that. The material is carefully curated to be relevant to a more efficient and productive workday.

I am incredibly proud of the training we have put together for our clients and I’m so excited to share it!

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