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How Brand Lift Studies and Survey Ads are Shaping Marketing Campaigns

How Brand Lift Studies and Survey Ads are Shaping Marketing Campaigns

“Before running any digital campaign, it is crucial to align brand messaging and strategy. By doing so, marketers ensure the brand is portrayed in a way that is appealing to its target audience. Ultimately, this alignment encourages engagement that drives consumers to the bottom of the marketing funnel.

Data-driven insights are the key to achieving this alignment. Metrics like impressions and click-throughs are commonly used in campaign management. However, aligning brand messaging and strategy goes beyond those metrics. Marketing teams are turning to brand lift studies, for example, to gain audience insights into the actual impact of their digital campaigns.”

Read the full story on Digiday.

Digiday, a division of Digiday Media, takes a global view of the media and marketing industries and confronts the truths in technology’s disruption of these industries.

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