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Why Partnering With a DSP is Helping RISE- Deliver Tangible Value to Clients

StackAdapt sat down with Tinne Teugels, President of RISE-, to learn why it’s important for RISE- to partner with a demand-side platform (DSP) like StackAdapt. RISE- helps fintech brands devise, automate, and execute on growth strategies to multiply their impact in the marketplace. Their goal is to provide a fresh, modern approach to marketing so you can be more efficient and focus on what’s at stake every single day. 

Tinne brings over two decades of experience in driving growth and brand visibility for fintech brands, logistics firms and tech challengers. Her drive, focus, unconventional ways and passion for technology innovation saw her attract some of the hottest and emerging brands across the Atlantic, Silicon Valley and the East Coast, steadily growing the company and mentoring a team of professionals with diverse skill sets and smarts required by the modern marketing organization. 

What led RISE- to choose StackAdapt as a partner? 

Here at RISE- we’re all about leveraging smart technology and innovation to support our productivity, and help us make informed decisions that benefit our clients. When we learned about StackAdapt, we were intrigued by the possibilities of the platform, so we decided to run a client pilot. 

In running the pilot we saw a clear return on investment (ROI). But we were also impressed by how knowledgeable the StackAdapt support team is. The ease of working with the team made this partnership a no brainer. We could see that the StackAdapt platform was the kind of technology that would drive the innovation we are always striving for.  

In your experience, what are the main benefits of partnering with a demand-side platform (DSP) for your programmatic campaigns?

Partnering with StackAdapt has helped us to expand and diversify our service offering. With the platform we’re able to execute campaigns across a variety of channels and devices, we can reach tailored audiences, and we’re able to find, track and share the metrics that are most important for our clients. 

Ultimately, working with a DSP directly supports our main goal as consultants, which is to deliver tangible value to our clients. The StackAdapt platform has given us the ability to improve campaign ROI, provide access to tactics that previously were cost prohibitive, and allow for more testing and experimenting. These benefits enable us to provide more value to our clients, because their campaigns feel the impact of these benefits, too. 

Why is programmatic advertising an important tactic for digital marketing? 

One of the best aspects of programmatic advertising is that it provides marketers the ability to create a cohesive experience across multiple channels, including emerging ones. With consumers adopting new channels all the time, it’s important that marketers follow suit by introducing and experimenting with those new channels in their media mix. 

Another reason programmatic advertising is so important for digital marketing is that it enables highly targeted campaigns. This makes for more effective marketing, especially when the target audience is very niche. And of course, programmatic allows marketers to attribute performance and easily integrate with other areas such as public relations. 

What has been your favourite part of working with the StackAdapt team so far? 

It continues to amaze me how enthusiastic, collaborative, and knowledgeable the StackAdapt team is. I’ve noticed this same dedication in every person I’ve interacted with, and I think this translates into a really great culture. And a great culture lays the foundation for partnerships that drive beautiful results.

What are you most excited about for the future of RISE-’s partnership with StackAdapt? 

We know this partnership is going to enable us to help our clients level up their existing digital marketing programs, and extend them into other areas such as performance communications. And, as the consolidation across media continues and the influence of new, niche online communities grows, we know that being partnered with a DSP will ensure we can introduce alternate channels and tactics when launching or managing brands. The ability to provide and extend unique experiences in a cohesive, integrated manner and without losing sight of attribution positions us well for future growth and success.

What trend in programmatic advertising are you hoping to adopt in the coming year, and why?

We are recommending our clients to keep an open mind and tap into the potential of programmatic. We want to help them think beyond the ‘typical’ campaign. We’re encouraging them to consider new channels, and do more testing or experimenting as they build and manage their brands. This includes extending programmatic advertising into fields such as public relations, as well as moving towards a performance communications program. It’s going to be an exciting year!

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