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Q3 StackAdapt Team Event: Murder Mystery Boat Cruise Edition

At StackAdapt, we host a company wide team building event every quarter. This has been a tradition since the very beginning, when we were only 15 people. As we grow, we want to make sure we keep the tradition alive and provide an opportunity for everyone to interact and connect outside of the office, while also getting the chance to intermingle with other teams.

We’ve done many different activities in the past, including archery tag, bubble soccer, axe throwing, escape rooms and many more! However, as we’ve grown, it’s increasingly becoming a challenge for the People & Culture team to come up with new and exciting events for a team our size—we can no longer fit into an escape room!

So we began planning…

For our Q3 team event, we wanted to incorporate a summer inspired theme for us to enjoy the last couple of days of the season. What better way to enjoy the summer sun than on the water cruising around the Toronto Harbour? We hosted our very own boat cruise, but also needed an activity on board that was inclusive and allowed for all levels of participation. And of course, we wanted to do something that hadn’t been done before. From a long list of activities, the People & Culture Team settled on a Murder Mystery, hosted by Big Time Murder. It involved participation from a number of StackAdapters, including one volunteer to be the victim in the show. It was thrilling!

After the event we talked to some of the participants to see what they thought…

“My favourite part of the event was the troupe of actors working the room, and allowing people to participate at any level.”

Zach Van Kerrebroeck, Account Executive & Volunteer Victim

“My favourite part of the Q3 event was the Murder Mystery show! The show was quite interactive and everyone seemed to be enjoying each bit! I really enjoyed everyone’s participation and the characters were hilarious.” 

Berina Colakovic, Account Manager

“The most unexpected part of the event was the actors calling out my name and being part of the show.”

Yahya Rafiyec, Full Stack Engineer

We had absolutely perfect weather for cruising—which meant the People & Culture team had to work a little harder to get everyone involved in the indoor activities—but everyone was willing because it was so exciting to find out who the murderer was! With lunch also served on the boat, there was plenty of time for the team to strike up conversations and mingle with StackAdapters that they don’t get to interact with in their day-to-day. 

People & Culture Coordinator

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