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Benefits of Integrating a Programmatic API Into Your Platform

Tech platforms are always looking for opportunities to scale their offerings and capabilities. Thanks to application programming interfaces (APIs), doing so is easier than ever. 

An API is a software intermediary that allows two applications to communicate with each other. By integrating an API with your website or platform, you can provide new solutions to your users through a partnership with another platform. 

Programmatic APIs mean it’s now possible to introduce or build a paid media capability, making adtech part of your platform. By adding programmatic to your platform, you are able to consolidate tech to provide your users everything they need, in one place. 

For example, an e-commerce platform would integrate programmatic so that retailers on the platform can run a programmatic campaign for their products, without ever having to leave the platform. 

Curious about the benefits of introducing programmatic capabilities to your platform, and how to get started? Read on! 

Benefits of Integrating Programmatic Into Your Platform

In their 2022 State of Marketing Report, Marketing Ops found that the most important criteria for choosing new technology in 2022 is the ability to integrate that technology with your existing tech, providing you the ability to scale as companies grow. 

Why add programmatic? Programmatic advertising leverages machine learning and AI to run scalable, flexible, and transparent digital advertising. According to our latest research, more than 75.1% of marketers say that programmatic advertising can help scale campaigns. This same study found that 69.8% of marketers plan to increase their programmatic spending over the next 12 to 18 months.

Common misconceptions about programmatic are increasingly being dispelled as more and more marketers recognize the benefits of adding programmatic to their media plan. By integrating programmatic into your platform, you can pass on the benefits of programmatic advertising to your users without them needing to leave your platform. It adds value to your solution, and creates a new revenue stream. Let’s dig into these points a little more!

A programmatic API integration adds value to your solution. 

Integrating programmatic capabilities into your platform will help you differentiate yourself from competitors by adding value to your solution. For example, a retailer may opt to use your e-commerce platform over others because they know they want to run programmatic campaigns for their products. Having the ability to run those campaigns without leaving your platform for another creates a seamless user experience.

Offering programmatic creates a new revenue stream. 

Introducing programmatic capabilities to your platform will certainly add value for incoming users, but it’s also an opportunity to retain and grow the spend of your existing users. By offering programmatic, you create a new revenue stream for your platform, while also providing your users a new tactic for scaling their business. 

How to Find the Right Programmatic API Partner

Choosing the right programmatic partner to integrate with will help ensure you get as much benefit out of the API integration as possible. Here are 3 steps to take, to help you get started.  

1. Understand your users and their needs.

Before looking into programmatic partners, you’ll want to have a strong understanding of who your users are and their needs. To get started, build customer profiles that include the demographics of your users, what verticals or industries they are part of, and how they use your platform. 

2. Explore opportunities for DSP API integration.

Now that you’ve identified your users and their needs, it’s time to investigate how programmatic capabilities may benefit them. Look for programmatic platforms that are leveraging the latest technology. For example, platforms that use machine learning and AI will deliver a seamless, automated experience for your users. 

You’ll want to look into what programmatic platforms and media buying solutions they are already using, outside of your own offering. This will point you in the right direction for understanding what programmatic solutions are the right fit for integrating with your platform.

3. Assess your API integration options.

You know your users, and what programmatic capabilities they need. It’s now time to research 

programmatic platforms that have API capabilities to make sure they will tick off all the boxes that will benefit your users. 

It’s also important to look into what commercial and strategic support comes along with an API integration. You’ll want to look into whether the programmatic partner provides onboarding support, and training. An API integration is a partnership, so it’ll be crucial to vet potential partners and ensure that you’ll be able to scale with them.

Leverage an API to Integrate Programmatic

API integration makes it easier than ever before to offer the power of programmatic to your users. By adding programmatic to your platform, you’re able to add value to your solution, and drive more revenue.  

Looking for an API partner to integrate programmatic into your tech? Reach out to StackAdapt to learn more about our DSP API.

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