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7 Things We’re Excited About For Programmatic I/O in NYC

Programmatic I/O is back in NYC next week and we’re so excited to be attending again! We always get so much out of this conference, and always look forward to great sessions, learning new insights about the programmatic space, and connecting with our partners, clients and new friends! Here are the top 7 things we’re most excited about:

1. 2020 Data Strategy: Future Proofing Your Audience Data Management – presented by Adobe on Day 1 at 9:30 am

Having a data strategy is so important to execute successful campaigns, and something that excites us and our clients. We are looking forward to this workshop, where Adobe will review a framework for mapping out a comprehensive data strategy for existing customers and prospects. This session is going to be filled with invaluable insight from a top data provider, so it’s a can’t miss!

2. Best Practices For Programmatic Creative –  Finally Getting The Message Right – presented by Prohaska Consulting on Day 1 at 10:00am

At StackAdapt, we are passionate about creatives and the role creatives play in campaign success — we even have our own Creative Studio team of experts to assist our clients with developing amazing, stand-out creatives. So this session is a definite can’t miss for us, and should be for you too. Prohaska Consulting will be sharing how to apply programmatic best practices to the creative process. Uniting media and creatives is so important, we hope they are singing from a similar song sheet.

3. US Programmatic: Top Trends Driving Growth And Ad Spending – presented by eMarketer on Day 1 at 10:00 am

It’s a good thing we have a few StackAdapters attending Programmatic IO, because there is overlap with some of the amazing sessions, and we don’t want to miss any of them! We love data-driven insights, and we love eMarketer, so this is a no brainer. eMarketer will dig in to the factors influencing spend across channels, formats and devices; of advertisers across display, mobile, video and tv and how brand safety, privacy and measurement capabilities are changing buying patterns. We can’t wait to bring these invaluable learnings back to our entire team.

4. The Cookieless Web: The Clearest Conversation On What, Why And How To Succeed In A Post Cookie World – presented by Teads on Day 1 at 11:30 am

In April at Programmatic IO in San Francisco, the cookieless web was a big topic and continues to evoke a lot of conversation. That’s why this session is on the top of our list! Our awesome partner Teads will be giving a deep dive into how targeting, optimizing and measuring campaigns as we know it is about to change.

5. Mastering The Digital Journey: A Programmatic ABM Success Story – presented by Dun & Bradstreet on Day 1 at 2:00 pm

When other companies are willing to share their success stories, it is always a good idea to learn from them. This session will give you an inside look at how marketers were able to increase engagement with key accounts by using a digital-first ABM strategy. Best practices will be discussed — from the right AdTech and MarTech stacks to leveraging 3rd-party data. If you’re thinking about launching an ABM strategy, or want to improve your existing one, grab a seat at this session.

6. The CTV-First Generation’s Impact On The 2020 Elections – presented by Telaria on Day 1 at 2:00 pm

When there’s a session hosted by one of our CTV partners, you know we have to be there. Digital campaigns are a huge part of the upcoming 2020 election, and you shouldn’t ignore CTV when it comes to campaign planning. Telaria will be sharing proprietary research on the media diets of Gen Z and millennials, and how that will impact the political advertising landscape. Make room in your agenda for this session.

7. The Attendee Lounge!

It’s true — we are most excited about the Attendee Lounge! StackAdapt is sponsoring the Lounge, which gives us the opportunity to meet and network with so many individuals. We’re looking forward to seeing you, and meeting up with some of our partners like Acxiom, Teads, Telaria, Triplelift, 33Across, Unruly, Dun & Bradstreet and AdColony in the Lounge!

As always, Programmatic IO is going to be a jam packed 2 days of learning and networking, We’ll see you back here after the show for our Programmatic I/O wrap up! 

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