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Privacy Regulation Stimulates Audience Targeting Innovation

“In the 1990s, the cookie made tracking in-browser user behaviour a useful tool for targeting digital ads towards receptive consumers. But with consumer demand and new regulations around online privacy, this is changing: Many browsers today are phasing out 3rd-party cookie tracking. For example, Google has announced that it will phase out the 3rd-party cookie on Chrome browsers by 2023.

Privacy regulations like Google’s mean that in the coming years, behavioural targeting may become more restricted. This doesn’t mean audience targeting is going anywhere—it’s simply evolving. One solution for adjusting to new privacy regulations is contextual advertising. This alternative tactic uses content, not cookies, to streamline audience targeting in a privacy-safe environment. Because contextual targeting doesn’t collect or use information about users, it protects user privacy. It does this by leveraging the context next to which the ad appears.”

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