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Urgency Launching Political Campaigns? StackAdapt Has You Covered

Alex is a Senior Platform Quality Analyst at StackAdapt. He ensures that all creative materials comply with ad quality guidelines and that campaigns are executed in brand safe environments and with optimal performance.

In today’s political landscape, it can be difficult for advertisers to navigate the time-consuming creative approval process. As the 2020 elections near, it is important to have partners that can not only deliver ads to the right target segments of voters, but do so in a compliant and timely manner.

StackAdapt recognized the importance of compliance for our clients and dedicated our Platform Quality team to ensuring that their campaigns and creatives are continually set up for success. In the lead up to the legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada, StackAdapt’s efficient workflow design combined brand qualification, legal compliance, and creative review, enabling advertisers to reach audiences across premium inventory that they otherwise would not have access to. This framework seamlessly extends to other sensitive verticals such as healthcare, gambling, and politics.

From initial onboarding to campaign launch, auditors work in accordance with the StackAdapt legal counsel to ensure compliance with industry standards for political digital advertising and one of the best industry serve-through rates. The goal is to ensure the fastest time to market so your campaign has the greatest opportunity to engage with the intended audience.

Political advertisers can create their campaigns similarly to any other vertical without the need to spend additional time setting up fragmented private marketplace deals. StackAdapt has created pre-packaged political inventory across multiple devices and formats, including OTT.

This rigorous process involves human verification so advertisers can be confident that campaigns launch error free and will only serve on sites that have been thoroughly vetted and are compliant. Campaigns can be turned around in a couple of days, which is extremely valuable for political clients who are working against time constraints and aggressive campaign objectives.

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