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What’s in Store for 2020 with People and Culture at StackAdapt

Last year, the focus for the People and Culture Team was to grow the company and fill a number of roles. We hired and onboarded 106 new StackAdapters in 2019, allowing our company to scale. Last year was a fun and challenging experience to be in a rapid growth phase and this year we are ready for the next challenge!

In 2020, we are focusing on three main pillars: people development, our environmental impact and giving back to our community.

People Development:

The People and Culture Team will be looking at different ways to train, develop and inspire our StackAdapters through on-site training and guest speakers. We launched Tactful Communication training that has been a huge success and expect everyone in the company to complete it. 

Due to our team’s growth, we had a number of internal promotions to Team Lead and Manager positions. To provide additional support to those who are entering these new roles, we offer position specific training. For example, those who have never been a Team Lead before are sent to a 3 day New Manager training course, to equip them for their new role.

We are also planning to host guest speakers once a month to touch on topics that StackAdpaters care about, including managing stress, how to eat on the run and conversations around diversity and inclusion.

The Environment:

The topic of sustainability and our environmental impact as a company has been top of mind for a long time—part of the reason we embarked on a waste reduction challenge back in 2019. And when we introduce new initiatives such as swag items, our lunch program and features in our office, we take the environment into consideration. This year, we are going to continue to see how we can make changes in all aspects of the business to ensure we are doing our part to minimize our footprint.

Giving Back to the Community:

The third focus for this year is giving back to our community. At the very beginning of the year, we ran a Toque Drive for the Fred Victor House and it was a huge success! Coming in May, we have a team running in the Sporting Life 10K for Camp Ooch—the StackAdapt Rockets get ready to run their hearts out that day!  And as always, we will work with a number of other organizations for StackAdapters to hit the ground running and give back in their own way through Volunteer Days.

We are excited to tackle these pillars in 2020 and to see the results. Stay tuned!

People & Culture Coordinator

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