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4 Key Things Every Marketer Should Know About “Walled Gardens”

As a marketer, you may have heard the term “walled garden” thrown around to describe the way major online platforms keep their data close to their chests.

We take for granted that our social campaigns live in segregated worlds quite distinct from our other programmatic channels. But what if this wasn’t the case? What would the world look like if the walls of the internet came tumbling down? Continue reading “4 Key Things Every Marketer Should Know About “Walled Gardens””

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3 Programmatic Strategies for Optimizing Your Next StackAdapt Campaign

The theory behind programmatic advertising campaigns is simple: automatically target specific users who are likely interested in your product or service across the web.

But the process of getting the most value out of your programmatic platform, like anything, is more likely to succeed with a little strategy behind it. Here are three programmatic strategies straight from the minds of the StackAdapt Customer Success team. Continue reading “3 Programmatic Strategies for Optimizing Your Next StackAdapt Campaign”

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The Future of Media Trading is No Trading at All

This article was originally published on Huffington Post blog.

A number of years ago, the advertising world borrowed the term “trading” from the financial industry and never gave it back. Let’s look at the similarities: both media trades and stock market trades are propelled by technologically driven data.Both appear insufferably complex to the untrained eye. Both evoke similar images of buyers surrounded by multiple screens doing their very best to make optimal decisions in real time. Ironically, the rise of programmatic, or automated, media buying has only increased the complexity of a media buyer’s daily job. With half a decade of experience under our belts, it’s safe to say that the approach of media trading has imploded on itself. Continue reading “The Future of Media Trading is No Trading at All”

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Why We Still Need Humans to Approve Programmatic Ads [Interview]

This is Isabelle. For every campaign you run on the StackAdapt platform, she and a small team of Product Quality Analysts manually audit every ad creative before it is unleashed across the internet, (not to mention spend hours vetting the domains your ads pass through). But why would we still pay humans to focus solely on brand safety and fraud prevention when we already use top of the line technologies like Forensiq and DoubleVerify?

As an ad quality expert, Isabelle points out that while computers can catch technical complexities like resolution and dimensions, they simply can’t (yet) determine the strength or type of reaction a human will have to your advertisement. In this interview, Isabelle breaks down why certain ads don’t make the cut and why compelling creative is so integral to the success of a programmatic ad. Continue reading “Why We Still Need Humans to Approve Programmatic Ads [Interview]”

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7 Traits of a Sophisticated Digital Media Buyer

Let’s face it, digital media buying is going through some… growing pains. Programmatic advertising is in full swing, yet there are many digital marketers getting left behind — Not because their organization or agency  hasn’t embraced programmatic technology, but because the mindset of many leaders hasn’t caught up with the technology that has been introduced. As dissatisfaction with adtech abounds, a new breed of digital media buyer is slowly but surely emerging. What do these programmatic powerhouses have in common? Continue reading “7 Traits of a Sophisticated Digital Media Buyer”

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