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The StackAdapt Creative Studio: Design Expertise + Technology = Peak Performance

Data and technology can help deliver an ad to the right audience and ensure it is viewable – this is part of the core of StackAdapt – but regardless of the power of technology, it has little influence over actual engagement on the ad. That’s where the creative has the potential to make or break campaign performance.

Maintaining the integrity of a brand and the aesthetic requires a human touch. Our newly launched Creative Studio puts StackAdapt in a unique position to offer services that not only leverage the performance and optimization of our technology, but also to tap into a team of experts to produce creatives that will help you achieve peak performance with your programmatic campaigns.

The Creative Studio interacts with the client-facing teams at StackAdapt, and with clients and agencies directly, to provide feedback on how to improve existing creatives to achieve better performance or to gather assets, understand the campaign goals and customize creative to fit the advertisers needs. The key is to ensure a brand’s creative story remains consistent across all marketing channels.

The Creative Studio can help with:

  •      Creating new native or display ads
  •      Turning display into native ads
  •      Turning static display into dynamic/interactive display ads

Led by Luc Samanski, a creative and innovation award-winning senior industry professional with extensive experience in ad composition across a breadth of ad formats, the Creative Studio develops and executes custom creative advertising solutions that work.



Dissecting Native Advertising Creatives

The non-experts in the crowd tend to look at a native ad creative similar to a photo or a painting, but the experienced individuals will break it down into what works and why. Luc has dissected a native advertising creative for Porter Airlines:

What makes this native ad great is that Porter Airlines, rather than simply talking about flights, is providing some helpful suggestions on restaurants to visit at a given destination. They exercise good photography selection with an image of an interesting and appetizing meal.

Porter also has a very visible and clear CTA at the top to drive conversions for travellers who are curious about visiting Toronto. Once the user clicks on the ad they are linked directly to the article covering the best brunch spots:

Having quality content will always lead to a more positive and memorable interaction for the user.

Tips for creating enticing, engaging, high-performing ad creatives

Tip 1: Content is king

Consumers are getting smarter and smarter and high-quality content is not only more likely to resonate with consumers, they are more likely to positively engage with it. Avoid clickbait captions because consumers are aware of when they are being advertised to or misled.

Tip 2: Choosing the right images

When it comes to image selection, avoid images that are too “stock image-esk”. Find more interesting lifestyle photography that tells your brand story – and avoid having any copy on the image. The combination of the right image with great content will ensure you’ll have a great click through rate!

Luc and his team can help you bring creative to digital. Reach out to your StackAdapt representative to explore options for your campaign or download our 1-pager to learn more.

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Best Video Advertising Platform – We’re Flattered!

According to the State of Video Marketing 2018 Report, video usage is on the rise – with 81% of businesses using video as a marketing tool. This should be no surprise since we watch a LOT of  video, more than 3 hours of video in a typical day. So as a marketer it’s obvious that you need to incorporate video into your marketing mix or perhaps boost what you are doing today.

And if you need even more ammunition – 85% of people say they’d like to see more video from brands in 2018. So how do you determine the best demand-side platform to run your video content, since there are several to choose from in the market? Determining the right one for your organization depends on who you ask, the problem they are trying to solve (is it similar to yours) and how they evaluate success.

Analyst reports can have stringent criteria and typically focus on solutions for really large enterprises, who more often than not, don’t share the same business objectives and challenges as smaller organizations in the same industry. So most individuals will look to review sites or other online sources to help make their decision easier. Sources like G2 Crowd.

We are flattered that our customers and G2 Crowd has deemed StackAdapt the #1 Video Advertising platform from their consolidation of reviews for Advertiser Campaign Management Software.

A trusted research tool for software, G2 Crowd is a review site for business technology. G2 Crowd continually collects, aggregates, and analyzes user reviews, where its analysis is captured in G2 Crowd Grid Reports and on their website. Resources from G2 Crowd play a critical role in the evaluation process of thousands of software buyers globally, who use the Grid to help them quickly select the best Advertising Campaign Management products for their businesses and to find peers with similar experiences.

Read what this agency has to say about StackAdapt and Video Advertising:

StackAdapt not only performs as a video advertising platform, it also ranks as a high performer on the G2 Crowd Grid for Demand Side Platforms. Read more about Our Advantage or see first hand why users rave about StackAdapt.

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4 Essential Articles To Read This Month: August 2018

What is the team at StackAdapt reading this month? Here are a few essential articles that caught our attention. Enjoy!

1. Required reading for marketplace startups: The 20 best essays

Marketplace businesses are very lucrative but are extremely difficult to get off the ground, mostly because of the “chicken and egg problem” — not be able able to attract demand without supply and vice versa. Read the full article here.

2. When You Need a CMO. And The #1 Reason CMOs Fail

If you don’t read Jason Lemkin’s SaaStr Academy and you are a startup, you need to start immediately. In this article he talks about why so many CMOs fail. A must read for anyone looking to scale their marketing department. Read it here.

3. Why California’s new consumer privacy law won’t be GDPR 2.0

Privacy is arguably the biggest topic in tech in 2018. With GDPR in full effect, more governments look at how to implement their own version of privacy control. Read the article here.

4. Why brands favor a ‘hybrid’ in-house marketing approach

Whether to bring marketing or outsource it to an agency was even covered during one of our previous events. Perhaps, the it’s never going to be black and white, and there is something to be said about finding a happy medium where you can optimize for efficiency and costs, without losing sight of your core business. Read more here.

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4 Essential Articles To Read This Month: June 2018

Curious what the team at StackAdapt is reading this month? We have asked around and curated a few of the most interesting articles for you to check out.

1. How Food52 Strikes a Winning Balance Between Content and Commerce

Increasingly e-commerce businesses use content to build relationships with their future customers. “It’s further proof of Food52’s core hypothesis: lead with high-quality content — offer value to your readers — and the sales will follow.” Read or listen to the interview here.

2. The IRL channel: Offline to online, Online to offline

While everyone is obsessed with digital channels, some companies leverage their offline distribution to promote their brand. Think of how successful some brands have become simply by being so Instagram-able, like Boby guys or Toronto’s ihalo Krunch, who serve charcoal ice cream. Check out this POV on the “IRL Channel” by Andrew Chen. Read the full article here.

3.ClassPass’ Founder on How Marketplace Startups Can Achieve Product/Market Fit

Marketplace Startups are among the most lucrative business models, and remain one of the hardest models to crack. Learn from the CEO of ClassPass, Payal Kadakia, how they’ve grown to become a household name. Read or listen to the interview here.

4. How To Reach More People With Content Marketing By Changing How You Write

As marketers we’re all guilty of writing jargon content from time to time, as a result, we are missing the mark on creating something that makes an impact. An always insightful view from Tom Tungus on how to be a better writer.  Read it here.


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