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Say Hello to StackAdapt’s New Logo!

Since the launch of StackAdapt in 2014, the foundation of the brand and the platform has been innovation. With a strong investment in building cutting-edge technology, we have always had a strong affinity for growth and expansion.

Along with the growth of our platform, our team has expanded to include StackAdapters across Canada, the US, and the UK. And there’s more… Today, we are excited to announce that the StackAdapt brand has also evolved—we have a new and unique logo!

How Our New Logo Stacks Up to Our Evolving Brand

The transition of the StackAdapt logo follows a similar journey as the platform itself. In the beginning, the logo was a single, traditional font, with an underline—singular focus and direct. Similarly, StackAdapt was a native-only demand-side platform (DSP), providing an easy and linear programmatic advertising experience.

The platform has since evolved beyond a single channel to support all major formats like native, display, video, connected TV (CTV) and audio. We’ve built sophisticated planning and reporting capabilities, engineered proprietary machine learning-powered targeting, and started supporting clients in creative and campaign strategy. As our platform experienced growth and evolution, our logo needed to reflect that same innovation.

“Our first logo was created by my Co-founder and CTO, Yang Han, who simply typed the company name out. It was symbolic of our scrappiness as a startup. However, as StackAdapt continued growing, we realized that our logo no longer matched the professionalism and growth of our brand. We needed a logo reflective of where we are and where we are going as a company, while also celebrating what made us successful in the first place—our passion for technology and our commitment to being our clients’ trusted partner in the rapidly evolving industry of programmatic advertising. We feel with this brand refresh and new logo that StackAdapt has entered the big leagues.”

– Vitaly Pecherskiy, Co-founder and COO

The new StackAdapt logo represents our three pillars of success. The value exchange between our users and the brands, our deep relationships with our clients and partners, and our passion and expertise in technology. These three pillars come together to provide us a forward-looking view of how technology can better empower us in the workplace. 

Our new logo is a celebration of StackAdapt. The culture and product that we have built, and people behind the brand: our team, clients, investors, and partners. We hope you love the new logo as much as we do.

As the new logo indicates, the StackAdapt team is always innovating—and we’ll continue to do so! We have a number of exciting updates on the horizon, from product features and functionalities, to programmatic learning opportunities.

In case you missed it, we have recently launched programmatic audio as an advertising channel on the platform, and our patent-pending Page Context AI targeting feature is revolutionizing how you leverage contextual advertising. Finally, our Advanced Programmatic Course from the StackAdapt Academy is live, and we encourage everyone to take the course to gain a deeper understanding of the programmatic landscape. Stay tuned for continued updates in the coming months!

And that’s not all. Along with our logo we’ve launched a video about the StackAdapt platform. You can watch it, here!

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