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Navigating the New Normal in Digital Marketing

If anything is certain in 2021, it’s that we’re experiencing a new digital marketing normal. Since March 2020, the digital marketing landscape has evolved in unexpected ways. Surprisingly, the pandemic has brought silver linings to the advertising industry that are shaping how digital marketers and agencies move forward.  

In a roundtable discussion for the How Agencies Thrive podcast, Chris Kane of Jounce Media, Nadine Tull from Mirren, and Co-founder and COO at StackAdapt Vitaly Pecherskiy explore how agencies can thrive in this new digital marketing normal. Read on to learn three of their key insights, or listen to their discussion, here

Agencies Are Investing in Organic Growth 

Chris, Nadine, and Vitaly all agree that one of the silver linings that’s arisen out of the new digital marketing normal is the opportunity for organic growth. Many agencies are realizing the value of pursuing growth potential amongst their current clients. Rather than chasing new business in pitch settings or through prospecting, agencies are mining their current client roster for new projects and revenue opportunities. By doing so, agencies can strengthen their relationships with clients for long term and ongoing investment.

Throughout the last 18 months clients have been looking for insight that will help them plan the best path forward in this pandemic climate. By promoting more detailed, specific and accountable planning, and leveraging research, reviews and audits, agencies can build a client-centric framework. Paired with investment in talent and the right programmatic partner, agencies can achieve more consistency in creating and converting project opportunities and reach their organic growth goals. 

Download Mirren and StackAdapt’s recent Organic Growth Trends Report to learn how agencies are capitalizing on the critical revenue opportunity of sustainable organic growth.

Changing Consumer Behaviour Brings Opportunities

Evolving consumer behaviours has meant agencies and marketers are pivoting their strategies to keep up with shifting trends. For example, the travel industry has shown resilience thanks to evolving consumer preferences. New segments around domestic travel have emerged because the pandemic has motivated people to travel within their own country. 

According to Chris, Nadine, and Vitaly, changes like these have presented a huge opportunity for agencies. Clients are craving up to date insights about their audiences. This gives agencies a wonderful opportunity to lead the way. By providing strategic insight on how to navigate the evolving digital landscape, agencies can position themselves as a collaborative partner rather than just a digital vendor. This leads to longstanding relationships with clients that agencies can nurture, and leverage for organic growth.

Reach out to your StackAdapt Representative to learn more about how consumer behaviours are changing through our series or reports, Evolving Beyond the Crisis.

B2B Digital Marketing is On The Rise

The way software is sold has changed in the past 18 months. Without conferences and business travel, B2B marketers have shifted their focus to other strategies, like demand generation and account-based marketing. While events and business travel may begin to return in the coming months and years, now that B2B has embraced digital marketing tactics, those strategies are likely to become a mainstay for B2B marketers. 

Chris, Nadine, and Vitaly say that another factor driving B2B growth is the way we now work. Surveys are showing that most workers want to continue working from home, and many of them feel they are more productive working from home, too. As a result, most industries are going through digital transformation, which is driving a need for softwares that supports virtual collaboration, human resources, and infrastructure. Companies are quickly adapting, and putting lots of discretionary spend into software that will help them do so. 

Learn more about how B2B marketers can thrive in the new digital marketing normal by reading StackAdapt’s report, Evolving Beyond The Crisis: Consumer Trends and B2B Marketing

Listen to How Agencies Thrive For More!

To hear more of Chris, Nadine, and Vitaly’s insights on the new digital marketing normal, tune into the latest episode of the How Agencies Thrive podcast. You’ll learn more details about how consumer attitudes and behaviours have evolved, as well as winning strategies that agencies can leverage to thrive in this new digital marketing climate.

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