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Managing your Campaign on the Go? Yes, it’s possible!

Summer 2018 was stacked with exciting new features. The plan for our Product Launch Series was to include five features – an overview page, real-time forecasting for campaigns, a universal pixel, insights and a suggestions hub for campaign optimization – but we didn’t stop there!

If you’ve ever searched ways to get more time in your day, you’ll find that one common theme lifestyle gurus include in their articles for time tips is to do double duty or combine efforts. Most of us already check email while we are waiting for our double soy latte or commuting on the train into work, so it has become inherent in our behaviour. Which is why having the ability to manage your campaigns from your mobile device is so amazing! Media Buyers and Campaign Managers can now stay on top of their campaigns at any time, from any location, simply by logging into StackAdapt from their mobile browser.

Using a little ingenuity, we took the Overview Page and the Dashboard, mixed it in with the Suggestions Hub and Mobile Campaign Management was born. And we can confidently say this is an industry first – the ability to manage and optimize campaigns on the go!

Overview and Dashboard Page

The overview page provides a birds-eye view of your StackAdapt platform, enabling you to traverse levels of the campaign hierarchy from a single screen and view daily stats.


The suggestions hub provides automated suggestions presented for each campaign to help users optimize to maximize performance towards your goals with a click or a tap.

Mobile Campaign Management will now let you access StackAdapt on your mobile phone and give you more time in your day back at the office for strategic initiatives. Beware – Mobile Campaign Management will be habit-forming!

Contact your StackAdapt representative to learn more. Not a StackAdapt customer? You’ll definitely want to be now – see Mobile Campaign Management (and so much more) in action.

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