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Memorable Moments in StackAdapt History

This past February was my 4 year ‘Stack’Aversary—I truly can’t believe how quickly time flew by. I still remember seeing the job posting on LinkedIn and wondering what this tiny 15-person company was all about. And I still remember how excited I was to meet the team and land my dream job.

The 4 years that followed exceeded all of my expectations, and I am forever grateful for this amazing journey that I’ve been on ever since. StackAdapt is a special place, and I often attribute that to the people that work here. The people I tell that to are most impressed that my opinion hasn’t changed in 4 years. Our team has gone from 15 people to 180 and somehow we managed to find and bring on the best of the best. It’s an incredible accomplishment. 

As StackAdapt has grown, I find it is important to look back at all the memorable events, influential people and amazing experiences that brought us to where we are today! So along with my own words of admiration for this company, I decided to gather some feedback from the team—and get them to walk down memory lane with me!

What was your favourite StackAdapt moment or experience?

There were many great moments. If I had to choose one, it would be the time one of our clients sent our team a box of chocolates during Christmas. Most of the time, it’s only the client facing teams that receive those gifts. But for the first time, someone sent the finance team a nice, sweet surprise! Along with the chocolates, there was a card expressing their gratitude for our awesome support. I was so excited and proud of how we’ve been working with clients to make their day-to-day better. Sometimes, we receive special or tough requests from clients that would take us tons of time to find a solution. But ultimately, our efforts are acknowledged and we contribute our part to maintain a good relationship with clients. So I feel proud of myself and my team!

Icy Liu, Finance Manager (5 Years)

At our previous office we had to expand into the second floor of the building. The engineering team expanded from the 8th floor down to the 6th floor—that gave me the actual feeling that we are growing. When we were all on the 8th floor, it felt like it was getting more and more crowded everyday (just like right now in our current office), but you couldn’t really tell the difference until that day we moved. It’s like, for real? We’ve grown this big?! And it was particularly memorable because the 6th floor had the big v-shape table, with the big monitors showing our system dashboard—kinda made me feel like we had the bridge of a spaceship. That was the ultimate fantasy.

Wuyue Xu, Principle Engineer (4 Years)

We’ve had lots of memorable moments, but the highlight for me has been watching—and being part of—the journey. In year 1, we were helping to drill bookcases to the wall, and were doing liquor-store-runs with a handful of cash on Friday afternoons. In year 4, we’re growing out of our office (again) and continuing to get even stronger on all fronts! Not to mention, we need the liquor to be delivered now.

Andy Woo, Director of Product (4 Years)

Uber5000 (a graffiti artist) came to our old Spadina office to paint some new office rooms during our Halloween party in 2016. So it turned into this live painting session and party, which was pretty cool.

Suzanne Ma, Programmatic Analyst (4 Years)

There are so many! But the one that comes to the top of my mind is when we got stuck on Toronto Island. We got rained out completely, but I got an opportunity to get “stuck” on the island with a bunch of people I hadn’t met in the company before. Time flew by and I made new friends. It didn’t matter what I looked like, what I was wearing, or what my role in the company was. We were all soaking wet, but we left as a stronger team—we were all in it together. People were lending out jackets, umbrellas and we all had a good laugh about it.

Connie Yan, Senior Manager, Platform Quality (3 Years)

Moving into the office in 2017 was a really big one, as well as crossing the 100 employee mark. Those were both great because they marked large milestones in company growth, and you could really feel how much we had evolved—in real-time. StackDay was a great representation of where we’ve grown as an organization. It felt great to see so many agencies across the country share positive feedback about our product and people.

Brandon Langevin, Sales Director (3 Years)

There have been a lot of memorable moments throughout my career at StackAdapt. From the time we went on a trading spree around Toronto (Red Paperclip challenge) to the wonderful volunteering experiences we’ve participated in throughout the years. But after thinking about it, the one event that I still talk about and remember vividly is the time a good portion of us went to Wonderland for their Halloween Event—this must have been 2016. I went outside of my comfort zone and went on the biggest roller coaster there: the Behemoth.

Dave Krutsko, Senior DevOps Engineer (5 Years)

The Reminiscing Goes On…

It’s always fun to think about the past few years at StackAdapt, and even though we’ve grown tremendously, we continue to focus on what’s most important—the people. StackAdapt has been on an incredible journey so far, with lots of changes and growth and as we continue to progress, we’ll create more memories and unique experiences together. 

One of my personal favourite memories was coming in for my second interview to meet with our CEO at the (previous) new office located at King and Spadina. Putting my best and most professional foot forward, I walked through the door and was greeted by someone hanging out in the kitchen, and they asked me if I wanted a glass of water, which they poured into 1 of 3 wine glasses that were on the drying rack. I then proceeded to do my interview drinking water out of a wine glass, and I remember thinking to myself that if this is what working for a startup is like, count me in—I even took a picture to send to my friends. 

My entire first year was full of ‘hacks’—getting creative and resourceful with the tools that we had available. My favourite part of the startup culture was that experimenting was encouraged, and things didn’t necessarily have to be done by the book or dependant on how they were done in the past. Instead, out-of-the-box thinking and cool new ideas were encouraged—things like giving your interviewee water in a wine glass.

Stay tuned for our future posts on what shapes StackAdapt.

Director of People & Culture

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