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3 Key LiveRamp Integrations that Bring StackAdapt Campaigns to Life

Denis manages StackAdapt’s integrated data partnerships, continually expanding the breadth and depth of the platform offerings for audiences targeting, attribution and measurement.

When choosing a demand-side platform (DSP) for your digital campaigns, you’ll want features that align with the specific needs of your campaigns. That said, there are certain capabilities that are universally beneficial to marketers. One of those capabilities? Partnerships.

A DSP that builds partnerships with industry-leading features and tools enables you to tap into the value of other players. That way, you have an ecosystem of technology partners to lean on for specific functionalities. The StackAdapt and LiveRamp integration is a great example of this. By partnering with LiveRamp, a data connectivity platform, StackAdapt is able to offer marketers an audience integration that enables quick access to proprietary 1st-party audience lists to target in their campaigns. 

This capability is made possible through LiveRamp’s Retrieval API. The API gives advertisers in the US direct access to onboard and activate customer relationship management (CRM) audiences in near real-time. It also enhances the audience capabilities in StackAdapt, which is one of the most comprehensive targeting solutions in the industry. 

Here are 3 examples of how StackAdapt’s partnership with LiveRamp offers marketers enhanced DSP functionality: 

Removes Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

The LiveRamp integration is privacy and security focused. It removes personally identifiable information (PII) and replaces it with pseudonymous record keys so data can be used with confidence. And, StackAdapt self-serve clients maintain full control over their CRM data in a platform they are familiar navigating. This is an important feature as privacy and security are top of mind for both advertisers and consumers. 

Ability to Upload Any PII Data

StackAdapt enables you to upload your CRM data—including email address, name, phone number and postal address—directly into the StackAdapt UI. Once uploaded, the data is hashed, and then matched to LiveRamp’s pseudonymous identifier, RampID, and the associated cookie, device IDs and IPs, so your new segment can be created in around half an hour. This makes audiences readily available for launching time-sensitive campaigns, like political ads

LiveRamp also enables reach extension across multiple channels, so advertisers can find their target audiences on any device type, like mobile or desktop, at the user level. 

Streamlined Process with Segments Ready In Near Real-Time

Thanks to our partnership with LiveRamp, StackAdapt customers don’t need to create a separate LiveRamp account to onboard, manage, and distribute data. If you’re a StackAdapt customer, you can easily upload your CRM data directly into the StackAdapt UI, and your segment will be ready to target in near real-time. This streamlined process means you can spend less time waiting to onboard, and more time focusing on your campaigns. Explore adding or expanding other advertising capabilities to your platform with the StackAdapt API.

Looking to onboard your 1st-party data securely? Reach out to a StackAdapt Representative to target your CRM audiences today! 

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