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Life in Adtech: Supporting Campaigns (And Clients) For the Full Life Cycle

In our blog series “Life in Adtech” we’re showcasing the different ways in which StackAdapters are driving innovation in adtech, and creating a progressive tech culture. From using modeling and data to create advanced algorithms to building stylish and robust user interfaces, everyone at StackAdapt is contributing to evolving the StackAdapt platform and providing the best product and service to our users.

This month features Luisana Rocha, the VP of Client Services at StackAdapt. Luisana shares her journey into adtech, what her role entails, and how Client Services support the success of StackAdapt users.

Can you share your journey into a leadership role at StackAdapt?

My journey started about 4 years ago when I joined the Client Services team at StackAdapt as an Account Manager. I worked with three different Account Executives, and three portfolios consisting of a wide variety of verticals. Something exciting about this role was that I got to work with some Spanish-speaking accounts. Spanish is my first language, so I really enjoyed getting to speak it in a professional setting. 

While in this role I also had the opportunity to work with one of StackAdapt’s Account Directors on one of our largest portfolios. Although it was a new challenge for me, it was incredibly rewarding because I got to see the positive outcomes of the team’s efforts. What I loved about this first role was that I got to build relationships with StackAdapt users, collaborating with them as well as with internal teams. It always felt so rewarding to present solutions and build strategies to support our clients in achieving their campaign goals.

I was then promoted to Manager of Client Services which aligned with my career goals. From there I became Director of Client Services, and now I am VP of Client Services. The Client Services team at StackAdapt has experienced tons of growth over the last two years, and I’m so excited to be part of it all. I currently work with 7 Client Services Managers, each with their own team of Account Managers, and a Manager of Programmatic Strategy who leads our growing Programmatic Strategy team.

What is the main focus of Client Services at StackAdapt, and how do you support the team?

The Client Services team is mainly focused on post-sales client relations and life cycle as it relates to user adoption of the StackAdapt platform, regular client communications, and campaign management.

Account Managers play an integral role as they support the daily management of campaigns throughout all stages of the campaign’s life cycle, and they provide training and support to StackAdapt’s self-serve users, too.

Our Programmatic Strategists focus on executing successful campaigns by ensuring optimal delivery, as well as identifying campaign strategies that will help achieve the best possible results.

I support the team by working closely with managers to identify priorities as well as needs, and then finding ways to resolve issues and help scale solutions. My job is to listen, provide guidance and coaching, and encourage my team to take ownership and action of new ideas or projects that they’d like to further develop. 

Can you explain how Client Services brings value to StackAdapt clients? 

The Client Services team is all about providing the best support to StackAdapt users. Our goal is to work with them like we are an extension of their team. We get to know them really well so that we can strategize and execute effective campaign tactics that fit their needs.

We also identify opportunities that can maximize their programmatic investment, and provide customized training and education solutions that will equip them to run successful campaigns on the StackAdapt platform. We bring value to users by providing our expertise, which supports their successes.

What innovations in programmatic advertising do you expect we’ll see in the future?

I think in the coming year we will see growing adoption of blended in-game advertising. This channel integrates ads into gameplay, where they seamlessly blend into the gaming environment. It’s an exciting opportunity to reach engaged audiences with non-intrusive but highly viewable ads. 

I’m also very excited to see how programmatic will fit into the future metaverse. I can imagine that programmatic advertising technology could be used to engage with audiences in a multi-sensory way. This might present opportunities for new types of measurement and ad formats!

What is the most rewarding part of being in a leadership role at StackAdapt?

The most rewarding part for me is seeing my team succeed. I joined StackAdapt because I wanted to have the ability to make a positive impact in the work I do. Seeing my team’s work being recognized, and witnessing how it contributes to our company’s success, is very fulfilling.

What advice do you have for women who aspire to be in leadership roles in the adtech space?

My advice is to do work that you are passionate about and if possible, join a company or organization that you really believe in. I have found that the interview process is key for understanding how well you align with a company’s values. Be sure to ask questions about the company’s culture and values, development opportunities and growth potential for the role, as well as what is expected for someone to be successful in the role from the hiring manager’s perspective.

If your goal is to become a leader, be sure to identify areas of development that you can improve on, and practice your leadership skills. Being supportive of team members and becoming a go-to resource for others on your team are two skills that organizations often look for in future leaders.

I joined StackAdapt because I wanted to have the ability to make a positive impact in the work I do, and I wanted equal opportunities for growing my career. At StackAdapt I’ve achieved both those goals. I’ve grown into a leadership role, I get to see my team’s work being recognized, and every day I witness how our efforts contribute to StackAdapt’s success. Because I’m so invested in my work, I find it incredibly fulfilling.

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In each new addition, we will be highlighting our teams and team members in our “Life In Adtech” series—stay tuned for more!

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