Life in Adtech: Providing Solutions That Drive Performance

In our blog series “Life in Adtech” we’re showcasing the different ways in which StackAdapters are driving innovation in adtech, and creating a progressive tech culture. From using modeling and data to create advanced algorithms to building stylish and robust user interfaces, everyone at StackAdapt is contributing to evolving the StackAdapt platform and providing the best product and service to our users.

This post features Meredith Henschel, a Solutions Manager at StackAdapt. She gave us an inside look on her role and why she feels having a Solutions team is fundamental for a DSP. Bridging the gap between all teams at StackAdapt, and providing the best possible solutions for all clients, Meredith believes that the key to success is staying flexible, creative, and up to date on the latest programmatic trends.

Tell us about your journey to your current role as a Solutions Manager.

When I started out in the programmatic industry two years ago, I was drawn to StackAdapt because the company stood for three things that I personally valued; innovation, analytics, and utilizing data to tell stories in advertising. At first, I started out as a Platform Quality Analyst, and from there I developed an interest in working with programmatic suppliers, leading me to the Inventory Partnerships team. At this time, I got the opportunity to help build out products like our connected TV offering, and I worked closely with our Revenue team to educate and inform them on our inventory and data partnership offerings.

Towards the end of 2019, our team came to the realization that the consultative approach we had been taking with our clients was driving real business outcomes, and thus the Solutions Team at StackAdapt came to fruition. Today, being a part of this team means that I get to use my knowledge of programmatic partnerships from the last two roles that I have held, and use this skill set to help clients develop more strategic solutions for their campaigns.

What does a Solutions Manager do?

Because my role is new to StackAdapt, it is constantly evolving. On a typical day for me, I spend time working with our clients directly to best understand the pain points in their digital advertising efforts and translate these findings into developing custom programmatic solutions that best suit their campaign needs. After all, providing clients with access to the right resources and data products that are available, is fundamental to guaranteeing success.

Aside from clients, Solutions Managers work with internal teams as well. Whether this means helping someone from the Revenue team position inventory, data, and strategy, or working with our Product team to identify areas of opportunity and growth within the platform. There really isn’t a team at StackAdapt that we don’t interact with in some capacity, and this diversity is one of the reasons I love what I do.

How does your role impact the success of StackAdapt users?

Fundamentally understanding that the needs and objectives of StackAdapt’s clients are unique has a major impact on the results they will see when using our platform. As Solutions Managers, once we have uncovered how we can help a client, we then take a vertical-based approach when it comes to the recommendations we make with inventory and data providers.

After all, the audience targeting strategy that one would take for a B2B campaign compared to a CPG campaign is vastly different, so by providing truly custom solutions, we help StackAdapt’s clients drive impact through a unique approach.

What tools do you use to amplify your success as a Solutions Manager?

Because we consult and advise clients and internal teams, a key part of my role is staying on top of news and programmatic trends. While I normally use sources like eMarketer, Digiday, and AdExchanger, there’s a wealth of knowledge available online that I’m always eager to uncover. By paying close attention to the current state of the industry, it helps shape our priorities when it comes to prospecting new features for our product roadmap, as well as determining the best way to offer new services to our clients and help them stay competitive and innovative.

What trend in programmatic are you most excited about right now?

For the past year, a lot of my interest has been toward the emergence of programmatic over-the-top (OTT) advertising. Because similar tactics from a regular programmatic campaign can be applied to this format, I’m eager to see the long term effect it has on two key areas of programmatic:

  • Targeting: With the emergence of OTT, you can take users who have seen a competitor’s ad on linear TV or are reading about a product on a device, and retarget them with an ad on OTT. This will have a positive impact on cheaper and more engaging ad campaigns.
  • Attribution: Utilizing brand lift and foot traffic studies on OTT can help improve return on ad spend by answering questions such as whether or not your ad drove an in store purchase, how your ads improve brand recognition, and most importantly, how campaigns can be improved in the future.

What I love the most about working in programmatic is that advertising trends and technologies are constantly emerging. As the ecosystem for different formats becomes more and more interconnected, I’m excited to see how the needs of the industry will continue to shape the way we advertise online.

What is the most rewarding part of being a Solutions Manager at StackAdapt?

While it has just been two years at StackAdapt, I have not only seen our talent grow substantially, but I have also been fortunate enough to witness the growth of our platform first hand. As a Solutions Manager, you can sometimes feel like a cog in the middle of a lot of moving parts; but that’s what makes the role so rewarding. By working with every team at the company, as well as getting to be in a developing role, we get a lot of exposure to different verticals, and have a great outlet for exploring the interests we have in the programmatic landscape. 

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