3 Elements That Will Make or Break Your Digital Ad Campaign (with Examples)

So, you’ve crafted your content and documented your strategy… Now, how do you ensure a successful campaign set-up? We’ve run thousands of content campaigns, and while we recognize that each one has distinct objectives, we’ve discovered that no matter the industry, there are three elements that significantly impact the success of your digital ad campaign. Make the most of your media dollars by following these best practices.

1. Headlines

Despite the age-old wisdom of David Ogilvy, headlines continue to be hastily thrown together without the time & thought they deserve. Your headline is your first impression, and there are no second chances.

2. Images

Our brains process visual information about 60,000x faster than text. Images, therefore, not only enhance your content, they catch the interest of readers who scroll through mountains of content every minute.

3. Device Splitting

As a savvy digital advertiser you’ll want to make sure you’re considering diverse user experiences and traffic behaviour across desktop, mobile, and in- app, and ensure you’re optimizing performance by creating separate digital advertising campaigns for each.

Follow these simple best practices to maximize the success of your digital ad campaigns. To get started with StackAdapt, Request an Invite here!

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