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Introducing Shaping StackAdapt: Our Employee-Focused Blog

Culture has always been very important to everyone at StackAdapt. But what does the term “culture” even mean? Is it the perks? Is it the office space? What exactly defines culture? Culture is more than just workplace benefits. At its core, a company’s culture is the shared set of values, behaviours, and vision of that workplace.

As the person who does candidate screening at StackAdapt, I frequently get asked “Can you tell me more about the culture?”. And after answering this question for 3 years (and counting), I know exactly what culture means to me, especially when talking about StackAdapt—and that is what inspired me to write this blog post.

So what makes the culture at StackAdapt? The people.

It’s the people that shape our incredible culture. The individual stories, the amazing work, and all of the wonderful personalities around the office. I constantly hear from our visitors how many StackAdapters stopped to greet them, offer something to drink and make sure they’ve been helped—that is what makes up our culture.

We are really excited to introduce this new section of the StackAdapt blog: Shaping StackAdapt. Some of the things that you can expect to find under Shaping StackAdapt are posts that highlight:

  • The people
  • The events, and
  • All the wonderful things that makes our workplace so unique

These are the things that make StackAdapters excited to come to work everyday! The best thing is we already had a few posts on our blog that speak to some of the things we plan to showcase.

Stay tuned for our future posts on what shapes StackAdapt.

Director of People & Culture

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