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How Agencies Thrive Holiday Special: Tactical Strategies to Maximize This Year’s Big Shopping Season

In this special holiday episode from StackAdapt, Vitaly Pecherskiy, Co-Founder and COO, is joined by Meredith Hentschel, Solutions Manager, to discuss the transformative impact of COVID-19 on the advertising industry as a whole. 

Meredith reveals how different buyer demographics have reacted differently to COVID-19. While a baby boomer with significant passive income might be less concerned with the ongoing situation, your sales might have witnessed a significant dip if you are targeting a younger clientele.

“It is really easy for a consumer to start looking for a product and if you don’t have a good online shopping experience, they might go directly to your competitor,” says Meredith Hentschel, Solutions Manager, StackAdapt. “I actually found a stat from Google that said 50% of shoppers won’t purchase from a brand that has a poorly designed site, especially a mobile site. If you don’t have that user experience that is on point, it will be hard for your brand to continue on with the e-commerce piece in 2020”

Listen in while Vitaly and Meredith discuss how the pandemic has accelerated the shift toward e-commerce and digital advertising. But, is this shift towards digital a permanent one? Will COVID-19 change buyer behavior for good? Or, can we expect store footfalls to go back to pre-COVID-19 levels once a vaccine is discovered and the fear of infection subsides?

Whether you have already pivoted your targeting to this entirely new demographic already or you are seeking actionable insights on how to target them without eroding your brand trust and identity, this is a timely episode for all marketers.

This special holiday episode caps off an incredible first season of the podcast. If you have yet to tune in, you can subscribe on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. And we know you are going to love what you hear—so please rate and review How Agencies Thrive.

About How Agencies Thrive

Curious to know what industry-leading marketers are looking to achieve in the ever-evolving digital landscape? 

How Agencies Thrive is dedicated to helping the new breed of forward-thinking, digitally savvy, lean-and-mean marketers win, in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. The podcast taps into our community of subject matter experts in the world of advertising and digital, to share lessons from the trenches and actionable insights.

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