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How Agencies Thrive: Digital Transformation in Financial Services with Rob Assimakopoulos of CIBC

In this episode of How Agencies Thrive, Rob Assimakopoulos of CIBC and Share Ryan from StackAdapt discuss digital transformation in the financial services and banking industry, and how it has been greatly accelerated in the past few months due to the coronavirus outbreak.

As we practice social distancing and attempt to carry out business in a contactless manner, going digital has become a necessity. So, what are some of the biggest challenges that banks and financial institutions face as they attempt to increase digitalization?

“I have not seen a time when in such a short window when we’ve had to go from, first of all just be there as a brand and show that you care, to urgently provide messaging on benefits of support, to providing messages of utility and highlighting benefits of your brand that are useful to people,” says Rob Assimakopoulos, Chief Marketing Officer, CIBC.

Listen in while Rob and Share dig into companies, messaging and how several of them tend not to have a pulse on their market and have little idea about what their target audience truly wants. It’s about testing messaging and using hard data to gauge the success of your marketing campaigns.

So, how can you pivot and come up with messaging that aligns with the new thought process brought about by COVID 19?

The topic and this episode are highly relevant for any brand in any industry—today and long into the future.

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About CIBC

CIBC is a leading North American financial institution with 10 million personal banking, business, public sector and institutional clients. United under the bank’s community investment initiative One for Change, CIBC and its team are committed to coming together to help people and communities realize their ambitions. In 2019, CIBC and its team invested $79 million in community organizations across Canada and the US.

Rob Assimakopoulos, Chief Marketing Officer

Rob Assimakopoulos is the Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of CIBC as well as being a board member on both the Canadian Cancer Society and the Canadian Marketing Association. Rob has a long career spanning across verticals such as automotive, CPG, in sporting entertainment before finally arriving at CIBC.

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