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How Agencies Thrive: Go-to-Strategies for Crisis Communications with Lanny Cardow of NATIONAL Public Relations

In this episode of How Agencies Thrive, Brandon Langevin and Amika Evans of StackAdapt, talk with Lanny Cardow of NATIONAL Public Relations about the important distinctions between brand communications and crisis communications and how agencies do, and should, approach these as different niches.

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, are companies altering their messaging and changing the way they function? While it is true that some businesses have come to a complete standstill, there are some businesses that are operating, and need to communicate and advertise.

“Even within this month, we’ve seen a lot of change and you can say it’s happening every day, but it is one of incredible risk and danger for brands right now who are communicating,” says Lanny Cardow, VP, Head of Digital Strategy at NATIONAL Public Relations. “It certainly isn’t an all or nothing—that is, there is no easy way to say don’t do this writ large but it is one where mindfulness is essential—mindfulness of tone, mindfulness of the public’s anxiety, mindfulness of where people’s heads are at right now.”

Listen in while Brandon, Amika and Lanny talk about the difference between brand communication and brand advocacy, and touch upon the role of the consultant in these trying times.

How can agencies step into their clients’ shoes, cultivate empathy, and subsequently pivot a brand’s messaging?

The topic and this episode are highly relevant in today’s climate and beyond!

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About NATIONAL Public Relations

NATIONAL Public Relations connects clients to the people who matter most; delivering the right message, at the right time. Grounded in research, insight and deep sector understanding, they bring together teams of discipline experts from across their network to provide creative communications solutions that move people in thought and actions. For over 40 years, NATIONAL has been at the centre of issues and industries that matter, leading change for today and tomorrow.

Lanny Cardow, VP, Head of Digital Strategy

Lanny Cardow is a Vice President and Head of Digital Strategy at NATIONAL Public Relations in Toronto. Prior to joining NATIONAL, he led the digital practices of two other Toronto public affairs strategy and communications firms. Before returning to the private sector in Toronto, Lanny was the digital director for the Conservative Party of Canada in Ottawa. He has twice served in the office of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, most recently with a responsibility for managing the Government of Canada’s advertising portfolio. Lanny has also operated his own communications firm, working with DC-based Luntz Global to test advertising for corporate and political clients in the United States and abroad.

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