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How Agencies Thrive: Current Trends in B2B Digital Marketing with Nick Rennard and Andrew Seidman of Digital Reach Agency

In this episode of How Agencies Thrive, Alex MacArthur of StackAdapt is joined by Nick Rennard and Andrew Seidman of Digital Reach Agency, to discuss the latest trends in B2B digital marketing, reveal some of the biggest opportunities and share how to avoid some common mistakes organizations make.

With most of the world under a lockdown, work-from-home has become the new normal. But, maintaining a productive 40-hour workweek while working from home requires dynamism and a flexible mindset.

“I think for anyone that can—lean into the curve as much as you can, because there actually is a bunch of opportunity available right now and a ton of people are online,” says Andrew Seidman, Co-Founder, Digital Reach Agency. “A ton of people suddenly have business problems they need to address very quickly, so if you are selling a solution to those people, this is a good time to market.”

Listen in as Nick and Andrew discuss the pros and cons of work-from-home and also speculate how this shift in work styles will impact B2B campaigns in the foreseeable future.

With competition at an all-time low, ad costs have plummeted and engagement has seen a sharp rise. Can we expect this trend to continue? And, for how long?

B2B marketers need to adopt a holistic marketing strategy, with a top-down, account-based model. It’s a new approach that could turn your campaigns on their head.

This is a must-listen episode for B2B marketers.

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About Digital Reach Agency

Digital Reach is a full service digital marketing agency with market expertise in SEM, SEO, Analytics, Web Development, Marketing Automation, and more. They bring top-tier expertise and premium quality service to a wide array of enterprise and B2B partner companies. Their experience is cross-vertical and they’ve worked with companies in all stages of development, so they can help to achieve growth no matter what the short-term and long-term objectives are.

Andrew Seidman, Co-Founder

Andrew has been immersed in the marketing and startup community since 2009. Now, he architects ABM campaigns for some of the highest performing companies in the world. Andrew used to be a professional poker player, but he’s a lightweight, so just give him a drink first and then take his money.

Nick Rennard, Director of Paid and Search Engine Marketing

Nick Rennard is the proverbial internet Whiz Kid. A one-time gamer, nowadays he’s crunching through numbers and finding the solutions your business needs. He also trains dogs when he’s not optimizing. Dog training and World of Warcraft training sold separately.

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