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How Agencies Thrive: Managing the Challenges of Political Advertising with Jeff King and Nicholas Giustino from Arena

In this episode of How Agencies Thrive, Eli Bardikoff of StackAdapt is joined by Jeff King and Nicholas Giustino of Arena to discuss in-depth how agencies manage the challenges of political advertising.

Unlike a traditional corporate advertising campaign, agencies do not have the luxury of time while devising a strategy for a political ad campaign. Moreover, because of the need to deliver results in a short period, agencies handling political campaigns need to choose reliable platforms with proven service.

“We have a whole bag of targeting tactics and you have to use the whole bag,” says Jeff King, Vice President, Arena. “You can’t rely just on 1st-party or just on 3rd-party or just on demographics or just on contextual—you have to use them all and attack your audience, so to speak, from different angles in order to really reach them completely.”

Listen in as the conversation touches on how the ongoing COVID-19 crisis has set the stage for an intense and keenly contested election later this year.

What impact will this situation have on the campaigning strategy in the upcoming elections? Apart from political campaigns, how has the coronavirus impacted the advertising industry as a whole?

For political advertisers (and beyond) this is an episode you should elect to listen to!

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About Arena

Arena is a team of experienced professional marketing and creative strategic consultants. Their passion lies in taking a message from inception to targeted delivery. They listen to clients and give our best advice. Their superior customer service, creative and targeting deliver winning results. Specializing in direct mail and digital advertising, they will be an integral part of a team. They do it better than anyone else. They will stand in the Arena with you to win!

Jeff King, Vice President

Jeff King is a vice president of Arena, a digital and direct mail media agency that specializes in political organizations and clientele. Jeff started his career working directly on political campaigns in several roles before moving into the media and advertising consulting space where he has been focused on digital political advertising for the past 10 years.

Nicholas Giustino, Director, Advertising Operations

Nicholas Giustino possesses a comprehensive background in digital media management and strategic planning with over 10 years’ experience. He started his advertising career in NYC, later moving to Salt Lake City working on clients ranging from healthcare, government to CPG and financial verticals.

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