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How Agencies Thrive Season 1 Finale: Building Agency 2.0, with Alex Panousis of Carat

In this episode, Vitaly Pecherskiy, StackAdapt’s Co-founder and COO, talks with Alex Panousis, CEO, Carat Canada about the bigger picture of today and building agency 2.0. While most sectors have managed to run their operations relatively smoothly, others have been completely devastated in the 6 months since the world went into lockdown mode owing to COVID-19.

Alex emphasizes the importance of understanding the intricacies of a business to enable an agency to develop innovative ideas that can ensure growth, even in this challenging environment.

“How are agencies really becoming more effective and efficient, and helping clients drive growth?,” says Alex Panousis, CEO, Carat Canada. “That is one of the biggest opportunities right now. It’s not even about advertising—what does it mean to build awareness—it’s more like how do you survive? And how do you drive growth?”

Listen in while Vitaly and Alex discuss how to utilize data while giving due importance to creatives. The agencies of today have to resist the temptation to make pure data-driven decisions that completely eliminate human intervention. How can creativity be the differentiating factor that can help agencies stand out in a competitive marketplace? And how can agencies help their clients not only survive but also thrive in spite of the pandemic?

Whether you are an organization contemplating hiring a marketing agency, or an agency struggling to adapt to the new normal, tuning into this episode will provide some solid insights!

There is the final episode of our first season and we hope you found each episode insightful, educational and fun to listen to! If you have not already done so please subscribe on Apple Podcasts or Spotify so that you will be tuned in for season 2 in 2021. And if you loved the listen, please rate and review How Agencies Thrive.

About Carat

Carat is a part of the Dentsu Aegis Network that employs 40,000 people across five continents to deliver brand, digital, and media solutions.

Alex Panousis, CEO, Carat Canada

Alex focuses on accelerating the industry-leading agency’s media offering, driving growth through innovation and fuelling collaboration with other Dentsu agencies and offices across the region. Alex was previously Canadian CEO of Havas Village and president of Havas Media and Advertising where she helped drive notable wins for the agency. Prior to 2017 she was CEO of Starcom and Mediavest (now Publicis Media) and has held executive roles with the CBC, and the National Post. As a volunteer community director for TechTo, Alex oversees MarketingTO, one of the largest forums on tech marketing and digital in Toronto.

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