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How Agencies Thrive: Why Agile Ad Agencies Are the Need of the Hour, with Ashley Shuey of Allen & Gerritsen

In this episode, StackAdapt’s Carly Foy is joined by Ashley Shuey, Media Director at Allen & Gerritsen, to discuss the fluidity of agencies in 2020. When most of the world went into a complete shutdown in mid-March, many organizations pressed the panic button and pulled the plug on advertising—albeit temporarily. 

Ashley highlights why purely buying media from a mathematical standpoint is flawed—because at the end of the day you are marketing to people, not pixels. 

“We saw a lot of brands that decided to stay silent and decided to wait it out and didn’t predict that this time would be different. Everyone was saying it’s a movement not a moment,” says Ashely Shuey, Media Director at Allen & Gerritsen. “As an agency, we decided to speak out very boldly on social media supporting Black Lives Matter, offering anti-racist resources and not only did we not get any pushback on it, we got so much praise for it.”

Listen in while Ashley and Carly discuss how the scenario changed completely when organizations resumed advertising. Consumer perceptions and behaviours due to the pandemic, and in the wake of the BLM movement were definitely not the same. So why is it important to focus on the consumer’s state of mind? And how are Allen & Gerritsen driving diversity and inclusion? 

If you are looking to learn from an agile agency on how they pivoted quickly, this is your episode!

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About Allen & Gerritsen

Founded in 1985, A&G is a fiercely independent advertising agency with offices in the two cities where independence was born, Boston and Philadelphia. They build your Brand’s Best Self by uncovering who your brand is on its very best day, and then helping you live it across every touch point and audience interaction. 

Ashley Shuey, Media Director

Ashley Shuey is the Media Director at Allen & Gerritsen. After spending the first 13 years of her career in Philadelphia, she relocated to Boston in 2019. With 14+ years working in media, her experience spans across several industries including higher education, tourism, healthcare, public health and consumer banking. She is also a member of the A&G Advocates—a diversity, equity and inclusion committee at the agency. In her spare time, she enjoys exploring her new city with her dog Bentley and operating as a part-time wedding and lifestyle photographer.

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