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How Agencies Thrive: How Schools and Colleges are Pivoting for Today and Tomorrow, with John Miller of the Vermont Law School

In this episode, Pam McBride of StackAdapt learns some valuable lessons about how to pivot on a dime from the Vermont Law School’s John Miller. The Vermont Law School was able to leverage the expertise of their marketing team to mitigate the negative fallout of COVID-19. John shares how having an in-house team allowed the school to adopt a nimble approach and quickly pivot their marketing strategy after the virus broke out.

John built an in-house next-generation marcomm team nearly 5 years ago that was instrumental in adopting a nimble approach and quickly pivoted their marketing strategy across all departments of the institution.

“One of the benefits of my position that oversees the departments that I do, is that I make sure that nothing happens in isolation,” says John Miller, Vice President for Enrollment Management, Marketing and Communications for the Vermont Law School. “There is a feedback loop from the admissions counsellors directly to the marketing team. And if a strategy is not producing prospective inquiries or if the language doesn’t seem right, that gets right back to marketing and adjustments are made.”

Listen in while John and Pam discuss why strategy and innovation are a must to survive in a challenging marketplace and how VLS’s response to the current climate was to further expand their already extensive online curriculum. Is online learning the new normal for all institutions? What obstacles are the non-blended classroom schools facing?

If you are looking for some best practices for making the switch from brick and mortar to online, this is the episode to key in on!

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About Vermont Law School

Vermont Law School, a private, independent institution, is home to the nation’s largest and deepest environmental law program. VLS, as it is known, was ranked a top environmental law school by the US News and World Report in 2020.

John Miller, Vice President for Enrollment Management, Marketing and Communications

John Miller has a passion for helping non-profit organizations advance their mission. He has worked at VLS for over 11 years and currently oversees the departments of admissions, financial aid, marcomm, and online learning. He has served on various committees for the American Association of Law Schools (AALS), the Law School Admission Council (LSAC), and the National Association for Graduate Enrollment Management. He actively volunteers and is currently the president of the board of directors for the North Country Animal League.

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